Jeremy Kost Book Signing at BOOKMARC

On October 22, Jeremy Kost had a book signing for his new book, FRACTURED at BOOKMARC. FACTURED consists of Kost's multiple-exposure Polaroid images of young, stereotypically beautiful men with descriptive text from Franklin Sirmans, LACMA Curator of Contemporary Art. These Polaroids, made throughout 2013, are loaded with fractured narratives and provide an dreamlike experience for the viewer.

What is particularly fascinating about this book is its special artist's edition, which is limited to 100 copies and comes with an unique multiple-exposed Polaroid. Once the collectors purchase the edition, they can choose a Polaroid online. If you are interested, please click the link below to find more information about the book!

FRACTURED is published by Damiani, and designed by Shahid Company.



                                                            Jeremy Kost

Humbert 12

Iggy Double - 16

Josh McGee Upstate Double - 27

Sean Ferguson July 4th Double -27

IMG_0177 Untitled-1

Text by Ranran Fan

Photographs by Patricia Koo


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