James Goldcrownd "Hunger Game" at One Art Space

“I'm exhausted, I just finished everything an hour ago. I work best when I don't have time.” The top of Goldcrown's left hand was crusted with dried white paint. “I have to feel like I'm in a pressure-cooker. I did this all over the past week leading up to the show, just finished hanging and arranging everything. I just don't like working over a long period of time.” One Art Space is the temporary home of James Goldcrown's Hunger Game. Goldcrown is a fashion photographer with 12 years experience, and he drew on these years to produce Hunger Game: a collection of portraits from runway shows, both high fashion and otherwise, plastered onto wooden doors, with paint and magazine clippings added by the artist. The clippings, paint and portraits show the chaos and raw vulnerability that comes with being a model.

Gallery director Elizabeth Villar met Goldcrown at a show he was curating, and introduced him to the owner of One Art Space: Dan Gallia. She instantly took a liking to him, saying, "What drew me to James was his energy, and he is such a young talented artist, and I wanted to show this new talent to the art world, and I just love what he does."

Review by Dave Gazzo and John Hutt

Photos by Dave Gazzo and Lena Vassililou


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