George Steinmetz: Desert Air Titles

George Steinmetz: Desert Air Titles

Anastasia Photo Gallery - 11.14.12

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Anastasia Photo specializes in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism. The gallery was pleased to present celebrated exploration photographer George Steinmetz’s third show, Desert Air. This exhibit and its accompanying book are the first comprehensive photographic collection of the world’s “extreme deserts,” which receive less than four inches of precipitation per year. Steinmetz has spent 15 years on this epic body of work, capturing remarkable visions of deserts, from China’s great Gobi Desert to the Sahara in northern Africa to Death Valley in California.

George Steinmetz works as a freelance photographer for general interest magazines such as National Geographic, GEO, Stern, and Smithsonian. Since 1996, George has focused on some of the world's driest, most remote regions by using a motorized paraglider that he pilots while taking photos.

Steinmetz’s motorized paraglider, the slowest and quietest motorized aircraft in the world, is particularly well suited for capturing aerial images. He has flown in over thirty countries, and shooting deserts has been a large part of his work. He began his unique brand of "flying photography" in 1997 in order to get aerial images of remote landscapes, many of which are only accessible because Steinmetz can take off and land without an airfield or government restrictions.

Desert Air finds Steinmetz doing everything from smuggling his paraglider into Libya to getting arrested for spying in Iran, to crashing into a tree in western China. At the same time, Desert Air reveals extraordinary desert ecosystems that together form a kind of disparate family of coevolved landscapes. Much more than a visual journey, these images are enriched by the exciting stories behind George’s adventures in some of the world’s most difficult and challenging areas.

Steinmetz has won numerous awards for photography during his 25-year career, including two first prizes in science and technology from World Press Photo. He has also won awards and citations from Pictures of the Year, Overseas Press Club and Life Magazine's Alfred Eisenstadt Awards.


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