Frameshift at Denny Gallery

Denny Gallery presents “Frameshift,” curated by useful pictures, an artist-run investigation into the future of photographic practice. “Frameshift” focuses on the blending of classic photography and the digital world. The images are each manipulated via encoding, scanning, embedding or altering context. Artists featured include Barry Stone, Lorne Blythe, Heather Cleary, Erin O’Keefe, Pieter Schoolwerth and Wendy White. Barry Stone alters the coded data itself pulled from a digital photograph in order to corrupt the original image. Lorne Blythe and Heather Cleary use mundane objects, decontextualizing and disrupting the typical line of vision to make them indistinguishable. Erin O’Keefe takes geometrical forms and arranges them in a mind-boggling manner to interrupt the spatial plane. Pieter Schoolwerth and Wendy White use paintings to disrupt photography. Pieter creates paintings that study the human form in constant motion, attempting to pin down a single form. And Wendy White stages photographs with painting structures in forced cohabitation.

The exhibition runs until July 20.

Text by Ashley Minyard

Photographs by Antonio Williams



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Lorne Blythe, Hand, 1988, 2013, & Blocks World, 2013, Archival inkjet prints. 30 x 24 inches. Courtesy Lorne Blythe/ Denny Gallery, NYC.


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