"Food Show 2: Understanding Food is a Function of Intelligence" at 3A Gallery

Last Friday 3A gallery opened it's newest show Food Show 2: Understanding Food is a Function of Intelligence, which will continue through April 18th.

Food as a function of intelligence has an interesting thesis, one that is explored through various media in the small space of the 3A gallery. The show does not explain how exactly food is a function of intelligence, but rather encourages the viewer to ask how our culture views food*.

With that title one expects a lecture, not an art show. Not only did gallery owner Meiko Meguro put on a bonified art show rather than a lecture on the philosophical implications of food and our consumer culture, but she also made cookies in the shape of the gallery's name.

The show features work ranging from small intimate oil paintings and photography to installation sculpture. The cosy space shows playful work from an eclectic group of artists - including Dan Graham, Marc Joseph Berg, George Skelcher, Isabel Schneider, and Mieko Meguro. The explorations of the theme are fascinating and adventurous takes on a subject that is at once so universal and yet indulges each artist's personal taste.

Photos by Xiaofeng Li

Review by John Hutt

Dan Graham

Mieko Meguro


George Skelcher next to his work

Marc Joseph Berg

from right to left: Mieko Meguro, Dan Graham, Isabel Schneider, Marc Joseph Berg, George Skelcher


Isabel Schneider next to her work

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