five solo shows at Soho Photo

Image above: © Ronaldo Aguiar / courtesy of Soho Photo

Ronaldo Aguiar


“Suspensions was conceived when I was going through a tough period in my life. One persistent thought I had was that all the things around me were suspended by time and, at any moment, could fall apart. I decided to freeze those moments as cyanotype prints. I've tried to find a delicate balance between reality and abstraction.”

Lee_Backer_Roma Pizzeria

Image above: © Lee Backer / courtesy of Soho Photo

Lee Backer

The Edge of Night 2

After sunset, I seek out intriguing effects created by the lights and the darkening sky. Many of the places I photograph appear unremarkable in the daylight, but they attract my attention as the light shifts and the streets become deserted. There is a sense of stillness and a quietness that I find evocative and beautiful in many of these images, yet they can also be bold and surreal.”

F. Emmanuel Bastien_Under The Cuban Sun_Walking into a tunnel_Havana Nov 2014

Image above: © F. Emmanuel Bastien / courtesy of Soho Photo

F. Emmanuel Bastien

Under The Cuban Sun

“In the tradition of street photography I stand at the intersection of light, color and life. I wait for an instinctive response to a visual order, to a composition that spontaneously comes together. I seek to capture the emotion expressed by the physical language of the Cuban People. I see these images as the beginning of a story hoping to elicit a reflection upon our own emotion and humanity.”


Image above: © Martin Frank / courtesy of Soho Photo

Martin Frank

Factory Work

“The Art Factory in Paterson, New Jersey, a partially renovated rope factory built during the era of photography’s infancy, is the setting for this project.  Here Masha (the model) and I explore the vicissitudes of light, the contrasting angles and textures of brick and skin, of edifice and human form.

The final images employ palladium, rather than silver, which I brushed onto the paper by hand in a manner akin to that used by masters like Edward Steichen (himself originally a painter) more than a century ago.   The delicacy, rich tonality and warm romanticism inherent in this medium enhances the range of tone and the work.”

Steven_Gilbert_White Square in Red CrowdImage above: © Steven Gilbert / courtesy of Soho Photo

Steven Gilbert

One Scene, Many Seens

“In this portfolio, one scene is seen photographically in ways different enough from one image to the next that it is difficult to recognize what lay before the lens. All are multiple-exposure photographs of a neon sign. These various aspects transform the reality of the neon sign into a collection of scenes that create a vision of something more.

About Soho Photo Gallery:

Soho Photo Gallery was founded in 1971 by a group of New York Times photographers who wanted to create a venue for photography as fine art. Soho Photo is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit arts organization operated by our member photographers.

Exhibition is on view until January 30th, 2016


Peter Hujar at Fraenkel Gallery