"Firestein & Firestein" at Phoenix Gallery

Firestein & Firestein at Phoenix
For their April exhibitions, Phoenix Gallery has brought two artistic mediums and two Firesteins together.
Cecily Barth Firestein has been a member of the gallery for over 50 years and her latest exhibition of paintings, Combined Media On Paper, arrange complex structures and vivid colors, constructing abstract scenes. These collages are both playful and yet thoughtfully detailed, capturing Firestein number one's ongoing experimentation with art as it unfolds on paper.
In Faded Glories, her son Conrad Firestein's exhibition debut, floral portraits explore the natural beauty of flowers as they wilt. Firestein the Younger rescued these flowers from being thrown away to photograph and expose their luscious pinks, varying shades of yellow, and ultimately, the bright charm still left in these forgotten petals.
The Firesteins appreciate that excitement and inspiration lie within the details; either combining mediums that heighten the senses or exploring the cascading transition in something old to produce something new.
The show runs through April 26.
Text by Amanda Everich.

Photographs by Chris Jack

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