Ethan Greenbaum: "Prospect" at the Kansas Gallery.

Ethan Greenbaum could broadly be classified as a multimedia artist who incorporates photography and large scale prints into his work. In his latest endeavor, Prospect, he blows up prints to a massive size and encases them in plastic and warps them using heat. The resulting product is interesting. Greenbaum yields images of abstract shapes and stone-like surfaces composed of color shifts as much as the grain texture.

It seems that Greenbaum is more concerned with exploring texture and color; the closer one gets to the pieces, the more details emerge. In one print, pieces of what look like broken wine bottles melted down sit on a granite floor; the piece itself is on hinges and moves, although no one was utilizing that particular feature.

The show was part instillation, part photography, and part sculpture – nothing defined the show in any particular way, which I am sure was part of the artist’s intent.

The Kansas Gallery is small, but it fit a wide array of works which was a feat, seeing as a few covered entire walls. In one instance, ironically, with a print of an actual wall. This exhibition runs until November 30, 2013.



Photos by Tanya Kiseleva

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