Elinor Calucci: Mother at Edwynn Houk Gallery

Israeli-born Elinor Carucci chronicles the stages of being a parent, the ups and downs, triumphs and pitfalls, and delicate times in between. These intimate portraits share the moments of motherhood we do not normally see documented, the chaotic and tear-filled, along with the tender moments that happen with peaceful daydreaming children, a sleeping father and child or the comfort that only a mother's hug can encapsulate. Carucci began to capture this journey and progress of parenting with her other show Birth at Sasha Wolf Gallery in 2011. Her work always focuses on the simple and yet, fundamentally important moments, granting us privy to the smaller pieces of her world that reflect our own. The show runs through May 3, 2014.


Text by Amanda Everich.

Photographs by Lena Vassiliou.

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Video Insider: Nancy Burson

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