Women Who Inspire: Donna Karan Honors Sheila Johnson



Donna Karan Honors Sheila Johnson

Donna Karan New York - 11.14.12

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Donna Karan honored entrepreneur and philanthropist Sheila Johnson as part of the "Women Who Inspire" series at her Madison Avenue flagship store last week. The event centered around Johnson's new line of luxury scarves and her partnership with the aid organization Street Soccer USA. A portion of the proceeds from the scarves go to benefit the Lady Salamanders, a street soccer team comprised of homeless women.

Later in the evening, Johnson took the stage to remind everyone that, "although we are in a fancy Madison Avenue store," they shouldn't overlook the issue at hand: homeless women. "Don't forget to help my girls," she reminded the crowd.

"I know Donna and I know her heart," Johnson said. "She is on the front lines of helping others."

Lawrence Cann, founder of Street Soccer USA, was also on hand to discuss the partnership.

Ms. Johnson was kind enough to take a moment to speak to Musee.

Musee: "A lot of humanitarian organizations use soccer as part of their fund-raising efforts.  What is it about soccer over other sports that people find so helpful?"

Johnson: "First of all, soccer is an affordable sport. There are a lot of sports out there that aren't affordable. Soccer is for everyone. It's just a matter of eye-hand coordination, kicking... it's a team building-process, it builds trust and responsibility which most sports do, but this is an easier sport because it's a more natural sport for people, you don't have to have a whole lot of special skills."

Musee: "I remember seeing a short film from Africa in which a boy makes a soccer ball out of condoms [The Ball, Mozambique], so that is true, it is affordable.

Johnson: "Yes, and that's the beauty of street soccer." The scarves are handmade in Italy and are printed with photographs from Johnson's personal collection. They are available for purchase online at http://www.sheilajohnsoncollection.com


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