David Nadel: Burns II

David Nadel: Burns II

Sasha Wolf Gallery - January 16th, 2013


David Nadel: "Burns II"

Crowd gathers at Sasha Wolf Gallery

David Nadel's "Burns 2".


David Nadel: "Burns II"

David Nadel: "Burns II"

David Nadel: "Burns II"

Sasha Wolf Gallery presents Burns II–a solo exhibition of photographer David Nadel.

Nadel has spent the last four winters hiking up the trail-less terrains of Northwest Montana, photographing the remains of burned down forests. Nadel captures the lonely and devastating winter landscape from the Swan, to the Apgar, and Whitefish ranges. Where a dense, green forest landscape once existed all that is left is a desolate and barren monument to nature.

Burns II features 11 color photographs that appear, on first glance, like black and white Charcoal drawing. Their panoramic viewpoint reveals a stark contrast between barren trees and pure white blanket of snow.

David Nadel’s Burns II is on view at the Sasha Wolf Gallery from now until March 10.

-Manon Fantoli


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David Nadel


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