Cynthia Laureen Vogt: Nights on Dry Land & Other Photographic Artist's Books

On Thursday, November 7th in DUMBO, I attended the opening of Cynthia Laureen Vogt's Nights on Dry Land & Other Photographic Artist's Books. The thought-provoking show is made up of hand-made photographic booklets. It is essentially works of collage, original photographs sewn together. The original photographs were manipulated and made as xerography prints on paper and acetate.  

I spoke with Vogt, and she explained how the works deal with the idea of layers and depth. The work can be compared to how when one is speaking with another person in a crowded room and, simultaneously is thinking something else, and each person in the room has layered thoughts, blanketed over the other, no matter what their focus appears to be.

DSC_9529 - Version 2

Vogt's work leaves much room for interpretation and analysis. It sparks a desire to observe. After speaking with her I walked through the gallery, listening to everyone speak over each other - all the different conversations; I imagined what the listener was thinking, and what the speaker thought as the verbal expression was vocalized. I kept thinking about the layers of human interaction, and the relationship between thought and dialogue.


This exhibition runs until November 23, 2013.

111 Front Street, Suite 202

Brooklyn, NY

Review and photos by Carlos Fonts

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