City Limit at The Journal Gallery

Image above: The Journal Gallery on the opening night. 


The artists assembled in “City Limit” were chosen for how their work responds to the socialization of our collectively shared space—as an environment simultaneously conceived, perceived and experienced.

Utilizing the distance between artist and subject matter, these works function as composed records of the margins of urban culture and the familiarity of suburban settings, delimited by the encroachment of commercialization.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 7.57.56 PMCurator of "City Limit", Colin Snapp, on the opening night at The Journal Gallery. 


Doug Rickard #104.100061, Roswell, NM (2008), 2011
 Doug Rickard, #104.100061, Roswell, NM (2008), 2011. Courtesy of The Journal Gallery.


Through the presence of the lens, as well as the presence of the artist, concept and technique, aesthetic formalism and documentary realism come into confluence. What we're left with are records of human behavior, filtered through regions, centers and peripheries within the landscapes surrounding us.

Artists: Luke Barber-Smith
; Anne Collier
; Luke Fowler
; Cyprien Gaillard
; Michael Galinsky
; Luigi Ghirri
; Adrianna Glaviano
; Deana Lawson
; Dennis Oppenheim
; Trevor Paglen
; Doug Rickard
; Robert Smithson
; Thomas Struth
; Guido van der Werve.


anne© Anne Collier, October 1979 (Painting, Patrick Lichfield), 2011. Courtesy of The Journal Gallery. 
 Luke Fowler Terminal Dawn (Hull to Rotterdam), 2011© Luke Fowler, Terminal Dawn (Hull to Rotterdam), 2011.  Courtesy of The Journal Gallery. 


_MG_4352Jovan and Zaga on the opening night at The Journal Gallery. 


_MG_4366Zack Kiernan, Hannah Barton and Lindsay Aveilhé on the opening night at The Journal Gallery. 


All Opening Images by Paula Rey Jiménez

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