Image above: © R Hartman, Von Hohenberg and his Photo




aaaP1150673Images above: © R Hartman, left: Bara & Roger Cabrol, right: Kurt McVey and Deb Dickinson


Traveling beween NY and Mexico, the peripatetic Christophe von Hohenberg  has spent the last 8 years revealing  present-day Mexico’s vigorous and complex society. Each morning, he would venture out at 7 a.m, only to  find himself lost in time  and spaceLike a predator with a camera, Hohenberg wandered  around Mexico search of " the children of Montezuma”. As he explained, “I started my own safari,exploring the romantic street of Francisco Soya in Coyoacan, to losing my balance on cobblestones in the picturesque Colonial neighborhood of San Angel to the Centro Historico filled with the treasures and soul of the different vignettes that attracted his attention includes the spirited movement of women dancing, the intricate detail of mariachi costume, and the serenity of tree -lined streets.

aP1150673Images above: © R Hartman, left: Cristina Madden, right: Jeremy Hu


On view at the Leonard Tourne Gallery through November 14th, “Shadows of The Gods’’, a series of black-and-white images enables the viewer to experience the creative energy that Mexico City exudes with an emphasis on vignettes of street life along with vibrant and innovative street art that adds an exciting visual note. “Shadows Of The Gods” , also the name of his upcoming book,  focuses on the burgeoning visual arts community along with the intense activity of contemporary Mexico City.

aP1150663 (1)Images above: © R Hartman, left: Sharon Williams and friend, right: Von Hohenberg and Anthony Petrillose


His previous book, Another Planet, New York Portraits 1976-1996, was published in 2014 following his critically-acclaimed "Andy Warhol:The Day The Factory Died” which depicted the world of fashion, art and society who flocked to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to pay homage to one of the world's most important artists.

aaP1150673Images above: © R Hartman, left: Von Hohenberg and Ulrich Howe,  right: Lucia Hwong and Jean Shafiroff



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