Charlotte Dumas: Anima

Charlotte Dumas: Anima

Julie Saul Gallery–1.10.13


Charlotte Dumas

Dumas' Animas at Julie Saul Gallery

Gallery shot of Duma's latest exhibit

A gentle soul

Gallery goers at Julie Saul Gallery

Gallery shot of Duma's 'Anima' at Julie Saul Gallery

Artist Charlotte Dumas’s third solo exhibition, Anima, at the Julie Saul Gallery brought tremendous light to my soul. The series features the portraits of majestic burial horses of the Arlington National Cemetery. Dumas highlights the free and powerful spirit of these animals in very intimate settings. Dumas comes face-to-face in order to captures these animals asleep in their stalls after a long work day. Dumas choses only whites horses in order to reflect the few rays of natural light just before the day turned into implacable night.

No words express the care Dumas takes when approaching her subjects.

I wish everyone would see the beauty that I saw in Dumas's photographs–just visit the Julie Saul Gallery between now and March 9, 2013.


Charlotte Dumas


Julie Saul Gallery.




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