Carolyn Marks Blackwood at Von Lintel Gallery

Image above: ©Carolyn Marks Blackwood, Inclination I. Courtesy of Von Lintel Gallery.

Von Lintel Gallery is presenting this Saturday 7th of March an exhibition of recent work by New York artist, Carolyn Marks Blackwood. On the Edge is the artist's first solo show with the gallery.

“Carolyn Marks Blackwood is a modern day artist for whom the Hudson River is also an unfailing muse. Consumed by her daily photographic study of the water over which her studio is perched—as well as the sky that hovers above it—Blackwood’s images are not the romantic vistas of her predecessors, but almost their opposite: focused close-ups that capture the river’s power through the drama of detail. Instead of coalescing several scenes into one, her photographs are a celebration of the variation a single geographic location can elicit through the constantly changing conditions of wind, light, day, night, temperature and tide.”

—Excerpt from the essay Elements of Place by Carol Diehl


©Carolyn Marks Blackwood, Spectral Line, 2014. Courtesy of Von Lintel Gallery

Coaxing painterly expression from a documentary device, Blackwood’s photographs reframe segments of air, ice and water into vivid color fields, geometric abstractions and flattened motifs. By removing perspective and context, her unmodified images seize ephemeral moments within everyday occurrences and heighten them into foreign, unfamiliar pictures.

A screenwriter and producer, Blackwood is a principal partner of Magnolia Mae Films. Among the films produced by Magnolia Mae are The Duchess (2008), The Invisible Woman (2013) and Philomena (2013).

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Carolyn Marks Blackwood: On The Edge