Image Above: ©Candida Höfer (CH-8641 Neuer Stahlhof Düsseldorf I 2012)


Sean Kelly Gallery presented From Düsseldorf, a solo exhibition of recent work by prominent German photographer Candida Höfer on May 7, 2015. This will be Höfer’s first exhibition with the gallery and her first exhibition in New York since 2013.

CH-8511 Dominikanerkirche Sankt Andreas Düsseldorf II 2011 (18x24) copy1©Candida Höfer (Sankt Andreas Düsseldorf II 2011)

On view for the first time in the United States, the photographs presented in this exhibition were all taken in Düsseldorf, Germany — the city where Höfer first studied photography under Bernd and Hilla Becher and which, to this day, remains an important influence on her work.

CH-8642 Neuer Stahlhof Düsseldorf II 2012 (18x24)1©Candida Höfer (CH-8642 Neuer Stahlhof Düsseldorf II 2012)

In the mid 70s, Höfer and her peers at the exalted Kunstakademie, known as The Düsseldorf School of Photography, created one of the most remarkable artistic movements in Germany since the Bauhaus. In the years following, Höfer has continued to photograph Düsseldorf with a fresh eye, revealing an entirely new, and unexpected, minimalist direction in her work.

1a©Candida Höfer (Left: CH-8319 Ohne Titel Düsseldorf I 2012; Center: CH-8322 Ohne Titel Düsseldorf III 2012; Right: CH-8323 Ohne Titel Düsseldorf IV 2012)

Alongside the meticulously composed, large-scale, color images of interiors for which Höfer is known, the ex- hibition presents photographs from the artist’s remarkable new body of work. Höfer’s latest compositions focus primarily on architectural detail and structure, color and form, utilizing extreme angles and close-ups to interro- gate abstract forms.

CH-7994_18_ 300dpi very high res1©Candida Höfer (CH-7994 Benrather Schloss Düsseldorf IV 2011)

These fascinating new images juxtaposed against the Baroque churches, Rococo halls, and Modern opera houses, quintessentially representative of Höfer’s oeuvre, create an exciting visual dialogue that explores the past, present, and future of both the city and the artist.

All Images Courtesy of Sean Kelly Gallery

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