Bryan Graf & Mary Lum at Yancey Richardson Gallery

Images Above: Bryan Graf, Midnight Drive I, 2014 (Left); Bryan Graf, Myth II, 2014(Right). Courtesy of Yancey Richardson Gallery

Yancey Richardson is pleased to present Prismatic Tracks, the fourth solo exhibition at the gallery by American artist Bryan Graf, and Sixteen Collages, the second exhibition at the gallery by American artist Mary Lum. Both exhibitions are on display until December 6, 2014. polna_neshpor-4

As with Graf's previous exhibitions – Wildlife Analysis, Field Recordings and Broken Lattice –  his new works explore the tensions between control and chance. All of the works in Prismatic Tracks were produced as unique, camera-less photograms, a process by which the artist can exert certain constraints while purposefully leaving other elements beyond his control. Throughout the body of work, Graf employs mesh as a metaphor for structure, order, and systems, and light as a variable element.


Left: Bryan Graf, The Black Lodge, 2014; Right: Bryan Graf, you can change overnight (you can't change overnight), 2014. Courtesy of Yancey Richardson Gallery

The exhibition, Sixteen Collages, comprises a series of sixteen small-scale photo and acrylic collages on paper, derived from the artistʼs experience wandering the streets of Paris, London, Berlin, and New York.



Left: Mary Lum, Belleville, 2014; Right: Mary Lum, London 020114, 2014. Courtesy of Yancey Richardson Gallery


polna_neshpor-10 polna_neshpor-19 polna_neshpor-27-CC

Photographs from the opening by Polina Neshpor



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