Brea Souders at Bruce Silverstein Gallery


The Bruce Silverstein Gallery’s latest exhibition presents their first solo show with Brea Souders. On display are pieces both from her Film Electric and Counterforms series.

Film Electric similarly ties into the unknown. The artist leaves placement of scattered film negatives to chance. Film Electric was a serendipitous result of cleaning out unwanted images, when single cuts of film fluttered to a plastic film sleeve, clinging due to static electricity. Souders hung the sleeve on the wall, photographing the resulting collages. Vague snippets of past images can be seen within the whole, but many are indiscernible thanks to layering. She compares the resulting imagery to memories, scattered about in an unpredictable way, some easily accessible while others are obscured.

Counterforms focuses on the artist’s personal items, arranged in an abstract manner. Her collection has a strong focus on color—vibrant primaries mixed with gentle pastels emit carefree feelings despite the weighted topics of lost culture. The photos tie into her European roots, which she is seeking to rediscover. Seemingly unrelated objects leave gaps to fill conceptually, fitting harmoniously with unknown heritage.


Brea Souders lives and works in New York City and has been exhibited internationally. She also photographed collections at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography Hyeres 2013, along with various other fashion commissions.

The Bruce Silverstein Gallery exhibition runs until August 1.


Brea Souders, Sunburn in Naples, 2010

© Brea Souders, courtesy of Bruce Silverstein Gallery, NY


Brea Souders, Rosie, 2012

© Brea Souders, courtesy of Bruce Silverstein Gallery, NY




Brea Souders,Under Water, 2012

© Brea Souders, courtesy of Bruce Silverstein Gallery, NY



Text by Ashley Minyard.
Photos by Polina Neshpor.




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