Brandon Fowler Performance Piece.

bf5 MOMA this past weekend was host to photographer Brandon Fowler. MOMA has been exhibiting Fowler's photographic output in the “contemporary photography” exhibition that is currently showing. His photographic work is a mixed media and political, rearranged bits of found objects, pictures stacked on pictures then smashed; he breaks the rules of conventional photography and does it well. I previous wrote beautiful to end that sentence, but I realized what fowler does is not beautiful in and conventional sense of the word; rather, it disconcerts, undermined our perceived notions and makes us take a second look – it's good art because it evokes an emotive response, but is it beautiful?


The performance was part spoken word and part songs, Brandon informed us of his previous life as a 'rocker' (his word) and that his synth was now the guitar. The resulting performance was a mix of political satire, flat our political rants, and insightful critiques on the world around him, and himself. He mirrored the philosophy or repetition, repetition, repetition, as said by The Fall, except Fowler was like a Mark E Smith that you didn't want to punch in the face. The audience of 100 or so people were overwhelmingly positive in their reaction to the performance.

Fowler's photography is being exhibited in the contemporary photography at the MOMA, and it's brilliant. Fowler uses mixed media, multiple photographs stacked on upon the other then broken, that makes us question what photography is. His work does not go back to move forward like some of his peers; rather it forges forward breaking all the rules as he does so.


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