"Beyond the Surface" at OUCHI GALLERY

Image above: ©Zhongsheng Gu, Courtesy Ouchi Gallery.


Zhongsheng Gu, 1983 Born in Jilin Province, China. As a Chinese man living in New York, Gu has taken photography as his true native tongue. His work is focused on trying to explore and expand the possibilities of photography as a method of communication. So that this visual language of mine, can be more nuanced, more meaningful, more lyrical. The focus of Gu’s work goes beyond trying to capture something visually but instead he wants to capture something invisible. Perhaps something only he can see, or perhaps something that occurs in our memories.

Zilan (Sandy) Fan was born and grew up in the Chinese city of Suzhou. A recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts’ Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography program, he now works as a freelance editorial and advertising photographer in New York City. Fan specializes in documenting the performing arts, but has also done extensive work in the fashion industry, shooting for designers and covering New York Fashion Week for television and magazines. His fine-art work, most recently an extensive series based on a character from the Beijing Opera, has been exhibited in galleries in New York and Italy.

Zilan (Sandy) Fan©Zilan (Sandy) Fan, Courtesy Ouchi Gallery.


Xiao Fu is a Chinese artist who is currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  She received her BFA from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, China, and MFA in Sculpture at Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA. Fu’s experiences visiting and living in a variety of cultures has given her an appreciation for being open to the complexities found in diverse communities. Her journeys continue to impact and influencethe imagery she employs in her works.



©XiaoFu “City Construction 01," Courtesy Ouchi Gallery.


Zheheng Hong is a Chinese photographer. Years of architecture study inspires him to foster independent thinking aboutthe physical world. His works show the binary opposition in solid material. The way we perceive the objects makes them descriptive and humanized. The dedication to capturing the alienation from materials to transparency under subjectivity, a deconstruction and reconstruction of the physical world, is the focus of works, though unexpected from the beginning.


Zheheng Hong ©Zheheng Hong, Courtesy Ouchi Gallery



Yingxi(Vincent) Huang is a photographer from Nanjing, China and currently lives in New York City. He has several years academic finance background and holds a MBA, Finance degree, but it’s not stopping him from showing his talent in photography. Eight years teenage painting education and rich life experience give him a unique visual angle to explore the world.

Untitled-6©Yingxi Huang, Courtesy Ouchi Gallery.


Yongjae Kim is Brooklyn based artist, originally from Seoul, South Korea. Kim works predominantly on representational painting that describes psychological landscape of isolation and alienation in urban environment. His early works such as miniature installation and ink drawings mainly dealt with competitive society and individualism.  Kim completed B.F.A. at Seoul National University in Seoul in 2011 and an M.F.A. at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in 2014. He received Best Color Work Award at 2014 KSCS International Invitation Exhibition of Color Works in Korea. His works have been shown in various places, galleries and alternative spaces such as The Boiler in Brooklyn in 2014, Attleboro Arts Museum in 2014, Porter Contemporary in 2015, and St. Joseph College for the community exhibition. He attended Joshua Tree Highland Artists Residency Program in 2013.

Yongjae Kim©Yongjae Kim, Courtesy Ouchi Gallery.


BoJune Kwon is a freelance and fine-art photographer with a solid professional background in commercial photography. As an artist, he has been deeply involved in landscape photography. He was born and grew up in South Korea, majoring in photography at Kyung-Il University, and recently graduated from New York City’s School of Visual Arts with a Masters degree in digital photography. Kwon’s artistic photographs have received awards in several international photography contests, including the Sappi/Magno Intensity Photographic Competition, Epson International Photographic Pano Awards and Photographer’s Forum Contest. Kwon’s passion for photography started with an analog camera when he was in high school. Fascinated by the medium’s imaginative and manipulative possibilities, he went on to embrace digital technology. He uses photography to restructure reality in accordance with his artistic vision. As aforeigner living in America, this allows him to share the sense of unfamiliarity he experiences with all viewers.

 Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.23.38 PM©Bojune Kwon “Urbanite 1," Courtesy Ouchi Gallery.


Serry Park's photogram series deals with photographic edition in the art market. The images are photograms of water and directly exposed to flash light in her conventional darkroom. Park sometimes added texts to highlight the vanity in art scene. Having each image unique and irreproducible, Park contemplates the medium of photography.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.27.48 PM©Serry Park “red dot," Courtesy Ouchi Gallery


Michael Shi, a young Chinese photographer in New York, has an uncommon art journey. He started photography at an early age but only kept it as a hobby for 15 years until he quitted from his professional marketing job at a Fortune 500 company and started his own studio in Shanghai, China. Before coming to US for his education, he worked as the Art Director for an Alibaba-invested E-commerce company. Some of his clients included Nike, Nine West, and Levis. Michael holds a master of statistics and an MBA. His academic background and business vision greatly added to his expertise in lighting techniques and cultivated his visionary endeavors in managing an art project. These diverse experiences, along with twenty years of working on every aspect of photography (portrait, landscape, fashion, commercial, product, dance, street), helped to shape his visual style. Incorporating pieces of learning from all of his different involvements, Michael’s work demonstrates a clean, colorful, character-driven narrative. His new project, Colors of Dance, has received critical acclaim from within both the dance and photography world. He has won numerous international awards and exhibited his work in Philadelphia and New York.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.33.01 PM©Michael Shi "Dawn," Courtesy Ouchi Gallery.


Ming Yang was born in Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan Province; currently live in Beijing. The inspiration of Yang’s work Chinese Tourism came from a trip in Tiananmen Square. When all kinds of tourists gathered in front of the building, with different dresses, expressions and actions, he saw a special connection between the building and people. Yang uses his camera to recordthe feelings of people, the relation of them and their connection with the buildings. Yang believes the series photos of Chinese Tourism means a lot.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.36.44 PM©Ming Yang, "Chinese Tourism - Circular Mound Altar," Courtesy Ouchi Gallery




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