Bentley Meeker at CORE: club

Image above: Courtesy of CORE: club


CORE: club presents New York artist Bentley Meeker's solo exhibition showcasing 18 light frames of varying sizes that explore the space between our visibility and sensibility through the use, or absence, of spectrum in variously used light sources.

Bentley Meeker stated, "I'm honored that CORE: is presenting my work as part of its exceptional cultural programming. If members and guests can have their relationship to light advanced by this exhibition, it will have been a very rewarding experience."

609A9285Image above: Courtesy of CORE: club

The exhibition, on display at Manhattan’s preeminent private members-only collective of prominent intellects, innovators, cultural icons and notable business leaders, is a follow-up to two of Meeker’s earlier exhibitions: “186,281," which refers to the speed of light, and "186,282."

“Our ethos is one of transformation and curation, where the world’s most ambitiously innovative people collide to experience and interact with the zeitgeist,” said Jennie Enterprise, Founder and Chairman of CORE: club. “We’re thrilled to welcome Bentley to present his provocative works to our community of culturally engaged, visionary leaders.”

75 0M5A7532Image above: Courtesy of CORE: club

Throughout Meeker's long and distinguished career of creating spectacular light installations and environments for his commercial enterprise, his work, both commercial and artistic, has inspired a heightened awareness of the viewer's relationship with light, and by extension the necessary properties of said light for our daily existence.

At this commemorative exhibition, the collection is a juxtaposition of light sources, one full spectrum, one distinctly lacking in spectrum, that converge on a single point within a very recognizable frame to remove unfamiliarity from the otherwise highly conceptual sculptures. Each frame will be constructed of wood, resin, canvas, incandescent light and LED light. Since each source has a unique spectral quality, the objective of the artist is to increase the viewers understanding of light, its various properties, and its effect on our everyday and notional existence.

The National Arts Club Presents Bentley Meeker’s Solo Exhibit 186,282Image above: Courtesy of CORE: club


Meeker has shown at the Whitney Museum, has created large-scale public works (most notably the "H" in Harlem) and created the lighting for three Temples at Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada. He is frequently commissioned by the White House to design private and state events. Most recently, he returned to Burning Man this summer to create the lighting at the Temple of Promise.

Through his lighting design company, Bentley Meeker Lighting & Staging Inc., he has worked with influencers including numerous presidents, Rudy Giuliani, the Clinton family, Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Katherine Zeta Jones, Harvey Keitel, Liza Minnelli and Joan Rivers, who gave him one of his first high-profile jobs when she hired him to light her daughter's Dr. Zhivago extravaganza wedding in the Terrace Room of the Plaza Hotel in 1997.

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