Last night the Munch Gallery on the Lower East Side featured an interesting pop-up exhibition showcasing the talents of some young emerging New York photographers. Over just five hours, the show allowed these emerging artists to get a taste of exhibiting at a New York gallery and provided audiences with a glimpse of their work. John Sandroni featured a variety of small, intimate shots, providing close-up images of body parts, smiles, exteriors, creating a collage of moments-in-time effectively scattered across the back wall. Kelsea Kosko presented varying images of feminine identity, creating a series that was both compositionally interesting and thematically relevant. Finally, Matt Holmes showcased a series of photographs taken in his native Westport: framed by gentle mist and surrounded by elements of dilapidated suburbia, the portraits were suggestive of a mundane dystopia. Other artists featured were Sam Clarke, Sharon Gong, Zachary T. Merritt, and Ben Taylor. The show as a whole was representative of a distinctly urban hipster culture focusing on issues of youth, gender, fashion and urban culture. Munch1

Corey Marcy & Jenna


Text by Oscar Lopez

Photography by Oscar Lopez

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