Arlene Gottfried at Daniel Cooney Fine Art

Image Above: Arlene Gottfried, Isabel Croft Jumping Rope, Brooklyn, 1972; Arlene Gottfried, KISS, Halloween Parade, West Village, 1978. Courtesy of Daniel Cooney Fine Art.

  Daniel Cooney Fine Art is pleased to present Sometimes Overwhelming, the gallery’s first solo exhibition by photographer Arlene Gottfried. Gottfried’s work chronicles the people and landscape of New York City in the 1970’s and 80’s with classic black and white photography.

Born in Brooklyn, Gottfried started photographing her personal experience of New York after high school and continued to document her beloved city throughout her life. She is a lifelong resident of the city and currently lives in the West Village. Working in the style of documentary street photography Gottfried’s vision has a distinctive humor and affection that exemplifies her spirited personality. She clearly loves the people and the city that she photographs. Sometimes Overwhelming is a celebration of the individuality and diversity that makes New York great.

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The exhibition will feature approximately 30 vintage prints of images made in Brooklyn, Soho, the Lower East Side, Riis Beach, Rikers Island, Central Park, Coney Island and other parts of the city that Gottfried traveled to for work and play. The images reveal unexpected innocence and humanity among the grittiness of a bygone era that is truly the photographer’s unique view of her home and her people.


Family In Car Coney Island, 1976



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Photographs from the opening by Dondre Stuetley

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