Another New York: Brooklyn Photographers Explore a New Take on NYC with the Latest Artbridge Exhibition

Another New York is a group exhibit curated by world-renowned artist Mickalene Thomas and humble arts co-founder Jon Feinstein. Installed on July 9th on the construction surrounding the Barclays Center, the exhibition showcase work by 15 Brooklyn-based photographers a total of 56 diffrent images spanning nearly 2,500 square feet at the Barclays Center.

For the theme of the show we wanted to highlight a different photographic side of NYC.  New York City is one of the most heavily photographed cities in the world. From tourist snapshots of Times Square, too-often derivative street photography and Instagram reaching limitless heights, many photographers have described today’s NYC as a dying photographic vantage point with nothing new to say. Another New York looks to change this pessimism by presenting photography that captures New York City with a new and unexpected eye.

Artists included in the Artbridge exhibition include Timothy Briner, Nathan Lee Bush, Maureen Drennan, Adam Frezza, Darren Hall, Curtis Hamilton, Jayson Keeling, Paul Raphaelson, Barry Rosenthal, Niv Rozenberg, Irina Rozovsky, Matthew Schenning, Luke Swenson, Wendy Whitesell and Jason John Würm.

Though all responding to the same challenge, each on his or her own turf; the fifteen photographers share fifteen different New Yorks. Timothy Briner’s dark, black and white pictures are a contemporary answer to Brasai’s early photographs of Paris. Irina Rozovsky’s uncanny images of private moments in Prospect Park bring to mind early realist painters like Courbet and Manet. Adam Frezza’s iPhone photos of the word “GOLD” on business signs make a playful commentary on the post-recession city, and Jason Würm reinvents how we see everyday, commonly recognizable symbols and scenarios. “The works encourage us to pause, slow down and reconsider what we might otherwise brush past,” says co-curator Jon Feinstein.

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Art Now: Artbridge 2013 Exhibition





From left to right, Richard Kudka, Development Intern, Rodney Durso, Founder, & Devin Mathis, Director of Operations

Art Now: Artbridge 2013 Exhibition

Images by Josh Fray

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