Andy Freeberg: Guardians

Andy Freeberg: Guardians

Andrea Meislin Gallery - January 24th, 2013


The opening for Andy Freeberg's Guardians

Jason Ricker and Robert Hickerson

Sophie and Liz

Jey Van-Sharp and Tamara Antonio

Nathan Terry and Tim Lappin


Andrea Meislin Gallery presents Andy Freeberg's first solo exhibition at the gallery, Guardians. Freeberg set out to Russia in 2008 determined to photograph the country's evolution since his visit in the 1980's but found himself struck with the women who guarded great art at the museums. He took the images with a 35-millimeter camera so that he could remain inconspicuous to the women he photographed. Many of the women seem to somehow fit perfectly with the paintings they guard. His images force us to look at more than just a piece of art, but to look at its surroundings and how that changes its context. I don't think I will view work in a museum quite the same way again.

The works will be displayed until March 2nd. The artist will be at a talk with Clifford J. Levy this Saturday, the 26th at 2pm at the gallery.

Andy Freeberg at Andrea Meislin Gallery

Andy Freeberg


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David S. Allee: Frame of View