Alexander Melamid: Heaven/Hell

Alexander Melamid: Heaven/Hell

(Art) Amalgamated and Art Healing Ministry LLC - 1.10.13


Crowds packing into Melamid's exhibition on opening night

Alexander Melamid deep frying portraits of iconic 20th century figures

Video displays feature Melamid burning iconic portraits

Video displays feature Melamid burning iconic portraits

Musée Magazine's Art Out writer/photographer, Manon, chats with Melamid

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'Hell' by Alexander Melamid

The maestro, himself, busy at work at (Art) Amalgamated

Alexander Melamid




Packed! The crowd spilling onto the sidewalks in front of (Art) AMALGAMATED and ART HEALING MINISTRY LLC had forced their way into Alexander Melamid’s latest exhibition: Heaven/Hell.

Hell–located at 317 10th Avenue–combines photography with performance art by destroying the iconic images of dictatorial leaders into a deep frier. Video monitors throughout the gallery features portraits of noted 20th century icons–including Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and Andy Warhol–kerosene drenched and set ablaze. Melamid’s images are metaphoric; their destruction is a cleansing ritual which removes the viewer from the burden of historical ideology.

The road to Heaven by way of a white horse-drawn carriage, which travels from one gallery to the next.

Heaven–located at 130 W 29th St–features a series of plated, 14-karat goals paintings on white enamel. His approach to power dynamics, revolution, idolatry and iconoclasm re-engages history within a contemporary context.

Heaven/Hell runs through February 23, 2013.



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