Adam Magyar, David Molander, Reinier Gerritsen: "Metro" at Julie Saul Gallery

Metro, a 3 man show by 3 European artists (Magyar, Molander, Gerritsen), holds together because of a well curated and designed exhibition, both of subject and content. The cities portrayed could be most any dense urban area, at first glance they all could have been from New York. Of course some were of our current home, but New York is the quintessential city.

While each artist examined a different specific city, what they were all examining was the experience of The City itself; how we interact with one another in our post-industrial environment. Magyar's aerial shots show that as we are stacked on top of one another, instead of coming together we have grown further apart. Metro forces the viewer to consider their own experiences, especially in New York, who could look at Gerritsen's picture of people crammed into a subway and not think about the last time they were in that situation, the smell of the people, the cold seats. While his colleagues view the city as it effects people, Molander shows the city as an organism, moving blurry through the streets at night, or still and unmoving as we fight our battles.

The crisis of individual identity in post-industrial societies shown through the lenses of three talented photographers.

On view until April 19th.

Review by John Hutt

Photos by Antonio Williams



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