Adam Magyar at Julie Saul Gallery

Julie Saul Gallery is hosting right now the first commercial gallery exhibition outside of Europe and Asia of experimental video and still photography artist, Adam Magyar. The show combines works from several projects including six videos, images from his Stainless series, and new prints from the Urban Flow series. Magyar_ Urban Flow_ 1075_ London, 2008


Magyar_ Urban Flow_ 255_ Hong Kong, 2007


Magyar_ Urban Flow_ 323_ Hong Kong, 2007Images above: ©Adam Magyar, Urban Flow, London, 2008 ; ©Adam Magyar, Urban Flow, Hong Kong, 2007 ©Adam Magyar, Urban Flow, Hong Kong, 2007. 


Hungarian born and Berlin based, Magyar works internationally to create images of individuals in the urban environment. Commuting on trains and walking in the morning hours, in what he describes as the “in-between times”, he captures the missed moments that we often fail to notice or value. He began to create the moving images in Berlin and the still images in Shanghai and has now worked in Tokyo, Beijing, Mumbai, New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Rome. Magyar states that he is searching for the commonality among people, not their differences. Magyar bends conventional representations of time and space, stretching seconds into minutes and freezing moments impossible to see with the naked eye.

Magyar Portrait2Adam Magyar at Julie Saul Gallery on the opening night. 


GuestsAt Julie Saul Gallery on the opening night. 


To manifest his ideas and vision he has worked with great intensity and focus in developing equipment and software. The technical preparation is long, and is always undergoing further refinement. Magyar has worked for several years with the three distinct formats represented in our show, sticking with the same themes, and continuously distilling and polishing. This exhibition offers the opportunity to see his most recent results after having been previously shown individually in group shows and art fairs over the last several years; most recently in the current exhibition at the New York Public Library and The Transformer Station in Cleveland.

Dina Costa, Marilyn Davidson and Alex VinashDina Costa, Marilyn Davidson and Alex Vinash at Julie Saul Gallery on the opening night.


Eleonora LeoEleonora Leo at Julie Saul Gallery on the opening night.


All opening images by Paul McLaren.

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