September Horoscopes By Danielle Arias

We have a lot of planetary action this month as we make our way out of the summer season and usher in fall with the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere in late September. Under the Cardinal sign of Libra we will be encouraged to strike a balance in all that we do. Until then the Sun remains in detail oriented perfectionist seeking sign of the virgin. The Sun in Virgo began its journey in late August and now the Sun and Mercury; planet of communication & learning will commence under the same sign after the 1st of September. Mercury is well placed in Virgo as Virgo is detail oriented, linear in thought and concise in speech .While the Sun & Mercury were placed in fixed fire sign, fun loving Leo the urge to create and perform was strong, now the heavens are switching gears and demanding we get serious. Water signs (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio) in harmonious aspect to the Sun and Mercury will experience a boost of energy where as fellow earth signs (Taurus and Capricorn) will also feel a sense of mental clarity after Mercury and Neptune planet of dreams face off in opposition on the 1st. Make use of Mercury in positive aspect to Pluto on September 4th and 5th when concentration ability will be penetrative. With Mercury being well placed in Virgo we will be able to absorb even the most minuscule of details up until mid month when the sign of the mind enters Venus ruled Libra. In Leo we wish to create, in earth sign Virgo we should have solidified in stone what we have created and by the time we reach Libra, the astrological sign of partners we will be ready to share what we have created with others.

Venus planet of love, beauty and finance will remain in home loving Cancer for the 1st week of September giving Cancer Sun natives a last minute chance to bask in the light; being that Venus is in their home sign. Venus is considered a benefic planet and wherever it touches you will be granted many blessings. Venus in Cancer is placed in an emotional bath, concerned with nurturing of others and home cooked meals, but it is off to the races on the 7th when Leo takes reign of the planet of love and beauty. Venus in Leo is dramatic, radiates an aura of magnificence. Case in point designer CoCo Chanel dubbed as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. From perfume to handbags to dresses and suits, Venus in Leo is all about creating something extraordinary. Watch the propensity to overspend as Leo can be ostentatious. With Venus being the ruler of art, beauty and currency be aware of spend thrift habits this month. Fire Signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) will feel especially lovable during this period if not a tad bit lethargic as you would prefer to engage in more leisurely activities, along with air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

Mars planet of action and aggression will remain in the sign of depth and analysis Scorpio till early October encouraging us to not only graze the surface but rather reach down below to the root. When Mars is placed in Scorpio the energy is intense and diligent, perhaps even obsessive. In Libra Mars, planet of drive asked which way do we go. When placed in Scorpio not only do we know the way but we will not stop until we reach the desired destination.

Most notable this month; Pluto planet of death, analysis and transformation will be heading direct on the 18th. Pluto known as Lord of the Underworld dredges up all that remains hidden, he represents power struggles, having begun its apparent retrograde movement back in April this has been a time of examining our own power as individuals, where do we give it away or exert too much? With Pluto being placed in Capricorn the father figure and disciplinarian of the zodiac I would imagine many of us spent time reviewing our relationships with our superiors, our fathers and all male figures in our life. Now that Pluto is going direct we will have the tools and knowledge to assert ourselves accordingly. Remember retrograde periods are a time of re-thinking, re-strategizing and ultimately when a planet goes direct; renewing our sense of selves.

With Pluto in Capricorn going direct it will face off with Uranus in Aries via a square aspect shortly thereafter. A square in astrology represents tension and strife; it is one of the more difficult energies to reconcile. This is the 2nd of 7 exact squares we will experience involving Uranus and Pluto, the 1st was In June and the last will take place in March of 2015. These are two major players in the universe, Pluto rules natural disasters; devastation, wars, whereas Uranus rules lightening, accidents, sudden and unexpected events.

The energy of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will attempt to dominate one another for the next several years Uranus in Aries demands change immediately, Aries is the sign of impulse and instant gratification. Uranus is the planet of unexpected change whereas Pluto destroys everything and wants to rebuild, in Capricorn this has a direct correlation to the “men in charge” as the mountain goat astrologically rules all authority figures.

The Cardinal Signs have been experiencing and will continue to struggle with the change that is taking place dubbed by Astrologers as “The Cardinal Crisis”

This will affect many nations seeking liberation from oppressive rulers, think unrest, uprising and revolution.


Aries Horoscope

We open the month with the moon placed in your home sign of Aries indicating your wants and your needs are now aligned. You can use this energy on the 1st and the 2nd to set forth new ideas with the expectation others will listen and offer support.

Aries known for its enterprising spirit will get a further ego boost while Venus resides in fellow fire sign Leo till the first week of October. Venus planet of love is bestowing multiple blessings in the creative sector of your solar chart. This can manifest in a multitude of ways, from art projects to love affairs, magic will be made and ideas will be plentiful. This is a pleasant period relationship wise; everything you do is done so with ease. You will likely feel appreciated this month for your candor and natural enthusiasm. With Venus taking up residence in your 5th house of enjoyment you may find you are spending most of your money on activities that bring you joy or contribute to your artistic side. Make the most of this energy after Venus leaves mother earth Cancer for the ferocious lion on the 7th.

Mars having just entered Scorpio in late August is inching its way out of your relationship sector. Mars planet of aggression tends to work quietly yet diligently toward its desired achievement. Aries natives may have found themselves pouring a lot of energy into personal and business relationships lately but with Mars in Scorpio in harmonious aspect to your Sun you will find a creative way to enhance and resolve any partnership roadblocks.

Aries being the first of the four cardinal signs will experience many changes in the coming years. These changes will stem from the outer planets. Those born in late degrees of Aries will find Saturn in Libra in hard aspect to the natal Sun this month. Saturn was originally in late degrees opposing your Sun in December 2011 then it went retrograde in February 2012 where it remained till June and now it is full steam ahead requiring you grasp the lesson you may have missed the first time. Saturn in Libra represents equality in our partnerships where as Aries is the sign of self. Aries Ruler of the 1st house in astrology home to identity and appearance is opposite the 7th house governed by Libra which stands for commitment and partnership. For the last several years Saturn has been transiting your relationship sector forcing you to find a balance between self and others. During this period issues surrounding partnerships have been plentiful. Saturn is the master of karma, the debt collector of astrology; you will begin to feel a reprieve from his grasp by mid November when Saturn will be full-fledged in water sign Scorpio.

Those born in the first decan of Aries have felt like breaking free of restraints, burdens & commitments that no longer serve them since Uranus planet of surprise took center stage in the sign of the pioneering ram. This marks the beginning of a seven year journey with Uranus transiting your solar first house, home to self, the body & appearance. During this time you may wish to break out of ruts & long established routines. Activities that once appeared fun may now seem dull and lifeless. Thisis a period of seeking the new. To quote author André Gide, who had Neptune (water) in Aries (pioneer) “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Aries is nothing if not courageous.

While Uranus conjoins your Sun the urge to break from restraints in strong, you want to express your individualism openly and freely but with Pluto Lord of the Underworld placed in authoritative Capricorn in early degrees in hard aspect to Aries Sun on route to total expression you may be faced with professional crises. In April Pluto began its apparent retrograde movement, with Pluto going direct mid month touring the top of your solar chart you may be faced with the challenge; to do what you do best break free and set off on a new path while simultaneously battling powerful forces.


Taurus Horoscope


Security conscious Taurus finds comfort with both the Sun & Mercury planet of communication placed in fellow earth sign Virgo till mid September. Both Virgo and Taurus are concerned with tangible results, facts & figures. Taurus ruler of the 2nd house home to “I have” prefers a stable ground to build dreams upon. With Mercury touring your house of leisure this marks a period where the sensuous earth sign is preoccupied with thoughts of children & romance.

This month you may find it hard to balance what you would like to do and what you have to do. With Mars planet of action placed in your opposing sign of Scorpio you will often feel yourself torn in two directions with the end result being frustration and aggression. The opposition in astrology is similar to a seesaw representing an area in life where you must strive toward finding harmony and balance. The Sun in Taurus corresponds with the material world but Mars in Scorpio sign of depth & psychoanalysis in your relationship sector is reminding you to go beneath the surface beyond the materialism that the value is within.

Venus planet of love enters limelight loving Leo on August 7th; Venus the natural ruler of Taurus takes a trip through your fourth house of roots and home. This marks a period of ease and delight for bulls born toward the end of April. Taurus in general may feel especially romantic, finding bliss and fulfillment inside the home. This is a wonderful time to redecorate, reorganize or perhaps simply look around and admire all you have created.

Jupiter planet of luck and expansion has been transiting your solar 2nd house in Gemini since the beginning of summer where it will remain until June 2013. Jupiter is similar to a pot of gold; it is where you find good luck and fortune. The 2nd house is home to money earned, with Jupiter’s placement here you may see golden opportunities in terms of currency; perhaps discover a talent you can turn into a side income. Jupiter is blessing you in one of the best places, your wallet.

Saturn the father and karmic figure in astrology is at the tail end of its transit through your 6th house of work and daily activities. The 6th house is natively ruled by Virgo and is the house of service or “I serve”. Taurus has been feeling the pressure for the last two years, wondering if you will ever get ahead career wise, watching the work pile up while feeling unappreciated for all those late nights at the office. Saturn will slide out of Libra in October and into your opposing sign of Scorpio, shifting your focus from work to partnerships. With the master of discipline opposing the Sun of those born in early degrees of Taurus, will feel drained, unable to effectively communicate with an overall lack in vitality. Please do remember this too shall pass.

Neptune planet of dreams is placed in the very early degrees of sympathetic water sign Pisces. Neptune in the sign of the mutable fish continues its journey through your solar 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. During this time you will seek out friendships that share your vision in terms of improving the world. While Neptune transits your solar 11th house you may suddenly find yourself participating in charitable causes and yearning to make improvements in your community. Neptune is the planet of compassion but can also be the planet of self-sacrifice, try to remain realistic in new associations and chose only accredited charitable organizations to donate time and money too. With Neptune in pleasant aspect to your Sun you will notice your intuition is heightened as well as your sense of humanity.

Gemini Horoscope

The most beneficial aspect you will experience is Jupiter’s transit through Gemini till June 2013. Planet of expansion, awareness, and plain good luck bestows many blessings perhaps even multiplied by two when placed in the dynamic twins. During the year regardless of the hardships Gemini natives may face, they will tap into a general sense that everything is going to be ok. Jupiter rules higher education, aspirations and is the seeker of all truth. Horses are ruled by Jupiter as they are meant to run wild and free, that is the essence of Jupiter. It is here to encourage Gemini Suns to take a chance, a leap of faith and know that you will be protected.

Those born under the Sun sign of Gemini are one of the fastest moving signs in the zodiac; the twins represent the duality of your nature. You prefer to be on the go, hopping from place to place and exploring all the world has to offer. With the Sun and your ruler Mercury placed in painstakingly meticulous Virgo for the 1st half of the month, you may find yourself having minor disagreements with others in terms of how to do things. You may also experience a rush of nervous energy for the first 2 weeks of September but this should diminish when Mercury the sign of the mind enters family air sign Libra on the 17th. This month Mercury is taking up residence in the lower portion of your chart, indicating a lot of mental activity surrounding the home and family life.

After the 7th when Venus enters fire sign Leo you will receive a boost from the universe. Gemini an air sign has a mutual beneficial relationship with the fiery Leo. Fire requires air to breathe; anyone that has taken a fire safety course knows you must close the window to prevent oxygen from coming in and making a fire worse. Similar; the energy of air and fire signs expand one another allowing them to flourish, cultivate beauty and in this case relationships with loved ones and finances will expand as Venus rules all of these things.

Just a little word of caution Mars in Scorpio is presently transiting your solar 6th house of daily habits, work included. If you use Mars’ energy toward completing projects, beginning new work out routines and health regimens that is wonderful. However Mars is aggressive and tends to over assert where it is placed, with Mars transiting the 6th house the tendency is to over assert yourself at your place of employment. Arguments are likely; take heed and proceed with caution.

Pluto continues its long term journey through your 8th house of deep analysis. In a sense Pluto planet of transformation belongs here, it is at home with all 8th house activities; death, other people’s money, destruction and transformation. Pluto’s transit through a sign is quite lengthy; in this case Pluto will remain in Capricorn till 2024. This marks a period of uprooting psychologically, purging things and quite possibly people you hold dear to you. Usually when Pluto transits the 8th house you will experience a major change in terms of finances that you hold with others, business partners and spouses. The 2nd house rules money you earn and here in the opposite is the money of other people. Sometimes this marks a period of losing loved ones and having to manage and benefit from financial legacies.


Cancer Horoscope

We open the month with Venus planet of love and beauty blessing those born under the last decan of the Cancer Sun until September 7th. As Venus travels through the zodiacs natural caretaker those born under the Sun sign of Cancer have felt like nesting, curling up and spending time with those close to heart and home. Cancer is an extremely intuitive sign ruled by the moon, Cancer Sun natives experience many fluctuations in mood and temperament. Just as the moon affects the motion of the tide, every ones favorite moonchild in turn fluctuates emotionally.

With the Sun and Mercury planet of communication placed in dependable Virgo till mid month Cancer Sun individuals have found they are able to keep ever evolving emotions in check and their feet firmly planted on the ground. Mars planet of drive placed in fellow water sign of Scorpio forms a helpful trine to those born under the Cancer Sun lending you further self-confidence and the energy to execute tasks at hand. Water and Earth signs have a special kinship astrologically; water provides nourishment for earth to grown whereas the earth signs lend a solid ground for water signs sweeping and ever changing emotions. Take advantage of the astrological team work at play till later in the month when the Sun and Mercury leave the stable virgin for the Venus ruled analytical sign of Libra.

Jupiter continues its transit in Gemini through your solar 12 house of what is hidden, dreams and illusions. The 12th house is often home to our own undoing. It is where we betray ourselves, turn a blind eye and attempt to escape. Jupiter’s transit here is similar to a guardian angel, offering protection throughout the year, like a tiny beacon of light that guides the way. Know in your heart of hearts everything is going to be OK with Jupiter’s transit here.

Cancer, being the second of the four cardinal signs will experience many changes in the years to come. I have mentioned before astrologers have dubbed these times as the Cardinal Crisis, for the last 2 ½ years Saturn Lord of Karma has been squaring your Sun. The Sun represents vitality and the ego. Saturn can be quite oppressive, daunting, he comes to even the score and while placed in fellow cardinal sign of Libra he had one mission to restore all natural balance to our relationships whether they are business or personal. Good news for you Cancer in October Saturn will leave Libra and enter Scorpio forming harmonious energy to your Sun. You will feel a reprieve from the cold energy and self doubt that has plagued you. Be sure to take the lessons of yesterday and pave the way toward a better tomorrow.

Uranus planet of surprise and rebellion is placed in the cardinal sign of Aries and is in hard aspect to those born in the first 2 decans of Cancer. Uranus in itself represents the unexpected when placed in Aries a sign of urgency the results are complete shock. Many changes will be headed your way; it is really a time of liberation. With Uranus placed in your solar 10th house of career and reputation, you may suddenly find you really do not like your career path and set off on an entirely new journey. Some Cancer natives may even marry and divorce and get remarried during this transit. It is really a time of unforeseen events, you want to take chances now and you wish to do them as soon as possible. You should remain as open as possible during this transit to new experiences, new people and new places; you should also make a conscious effort to mix things up. Take that new photography class; go on that group trip to Costa Rica. Uranus in Aries wants to shake you up and make you feel alive.

Last but certainly not least Pluto planet of transformation is placed in your opposing sign of Capricorn. Cancer represents the home, mother and family where as Capricorn is the father, work, and duty. Oppositions require balance, a little bit of give and take. Easier said than done I assure you. Wherever Pluto is involved power struggles are present. I refer to him as the planet with punch. Pluto wants to win, he has his own agenda. In Capricorn this indicates power plays involving people to whom you answer to as Capricorn is the highest authority, in astrology.


Leo Horoscope

The Sun may have left Leo as of late August but no need to fret shining star of the zodiac, with Venus well on its way to entering the theatrical Lion on September 7th. You will bask in the light that you know so well with Venus’ return to your home sign. Venus in Leo does not merely profess its love, admiration, and passion it wants to shout it from the top of the Chrysler Building. Venus’ return to your sign will mark a time of new love, perhaps a creative period where you wish to birth or purchase grand works of art. Artistry and joy are heightened. Venus is traveling through your 12th house of secrets; perhaps you have a clandestine relationship, or are manufacturing masterpieces from behind closed doors or shopping for luxury items and hiding them. Venus ruler of love, money and art is somehow locked away when placed in the 12th house; something about your love, about what you are creating isn’t completely out in the open. Tread lightly, we are all aware that what we do in the dark will eventually be shown in the light.

This month you may find you are more confrontational than usual, Leo a fixed fire sign tends to be set in its ways, however you are ordinarily light at heart and more interested in a magnificent time then petty disagreements. But with Mars planet of aggression in hard aspect to your Sun until the second week of October you are quite irritable, you may find yourself struggling to draw the line in the sand with battles on the home front. Mars is currently transiting your solar 4th house of roots indicating tension in the household. If you have some home improvements to make perhaps you can redirect your energy toward painting, replacing light fixtures or remodeling. Pick a creative outlet to release any built up aggression.

Father figure of the zodiac Saturn will enter Scorpio in October and has already begun squaring your Sun. Squares are not fun neither is Saturn. He represents what we have to do not what we want to do. Leo is represented by the 5th house in astrology, home to “I create” you make magic wherever you go; Saturn on the other hand rules the 10th house of career and reputation. With the hard aspect to the Leo Sun this marks a 2 year period where you will feel your expression is suppressed, suddenly the proud Leo king of the jungle may feel like a domestic cat. This is not the case, Leo will always be wonderfully charming will legions of fans, oops I mean friends it is just Saturn has come to teach you lessons of the ego. Saturn wants to poke holes in the facades; put you face to face with those insecurities we all mask with a smile. At the end you will emerge with a beautiful mane and lustrous tail and a crown to boot. But it is going to be a challenging stroll through the Serengeti.

Leo Sun natives may find comfort with Uranus planet of rebellion placed in fellow fire sign of Aries. Uranus will take up long term residence in your ninth house, home to truth, justice, long distance travel and essentially the higher mind. The Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aries are placed 120 degrees apart they form what is known as a trine, it is a pleasant aspect. This may alleviate SOME of the tension you receive from Saturn. Saturn tells you what you have to do while Uranus is completely out of the box and progressive. With the two in trine or harmonious aspect to one another you will own the parts of yourself that make you unique. During this period you will eagerly meet new people, try new things, and set off in a new direction. The best idea is to stay open to the world of possibilities; with Uranus traveling your 9th house of higher mind you may be prone to sudden flashes of brilliance and insight. Expect to be attracted to more avant-garde individuals and places. You will see things as if it were the first time. You are looking through a different and unique lens now and you must enjoy every moment of this awaking.


Virgo Horoscope

Happy Birthday Virgo! With the Sun placed in your home sign until the 23rd you are feeling energetic and ready to conquer the day. Your mind is clear; now more than ever as Mercury planet of learning and communication is also in the sign of the disciplined virgin. This represents a time when the ego, the Sun and your thoughts, Mercury are all aligned. Make the most of this energy to exchange ideas and absorb new information; communicating and learning come particularly easy for you now. Mercury is the planet of logic and reason similar to the way in which Virgo operates on a plane concerned with facts and figures. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, being placed in your sign until the second week of September this lends you a sharp and analytical mind.

Watch for argumentative tendencies, with the Sun and Mercury in your home sign you will feel confident in speech and thought, however aggressor Mars is presently transiting your solar 3rd house of communication. Although Mars is well placed in Scorpio and forming an amicable aspect with your Sun, this can still mark a time of disagreements especially with siblings.

The father figure of the zodiac takes up long term residence in your third house of “I think”. Your concentration abilities will be extremely intense especially with Saturn master of discipline placed in Scorpio the sign of deep analysis beginning in October, already you can feel the energy of this transit. During the next 2+ years you will experience intensity of the mind, sometimes depression as Saturn can be like a dark cloud hovering. You may have to take on responsibility for a reckless sibling or may have issues with neighbors. The third house rules; childhood education, the lower mind, neighbors and brothers and sisters. These are all areas that will be of focus with Saturn’s transit through the 3rd house; with Saturn being in intense Scorpio this is an opportune time for studious endeavors in fields that require great concentration.

Neptune Planet of dreams and illusions continues to oppose those born in the 1st week of the Virgo Sun. Neptune’s transit through Pisces is a long one; it will not culminate till January 2026. Neptune is at home in Pisces a sign of dreams, illusions and yes sometimes delusions. Neptune is now transiting your solar house of partnerships and opposing your Sun. The Sun is the vitality, it represents life and Neptune while it rules music, movies, glamour it also rules drugs, alcohol and addictions. Escapist tendencies are at work where Neptune is involved, so please watch your prescription drug intake and avoid picking up any new and unhealthy habits as they will be hard to break. Also Neptune is sort of like a cloud, where it is placed you cannot see clearly, at the same time Neptune is extremely compassionate. When you place all of this together in your relationship sector a danger exists in selecting the wrong mate or getting involved with someone that has misrepresented their intentions. Demand complete honesty from others and be 100% truthful during this transit.

Pluto in Capricorn continues making his way through your 5th house of creativity and love affairs. This transit can reveal an obsession to bring forth some sort of creation; Johnny Cash had this placement as did John Lennon and Edgar Allen Poe. I often think of Pluto as the place where we die and become reborn, emerging better than before. For the next several years for you Virgo that will be in the 5th house of “I create”. With Pluto being in fellow earth sign Capricorn and in harmonious aspect to your Sun, you have enormous drive and determination to compose any range of magnifique masterpieces.


Libra Horoscope

Libra is the third of the four Cardinal signs that assist us with welcoming a new season for you urbane friend that begins on September 22nd with the Autumnal Equinox. Each year under a Libra Sun those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere are not only waving farewell to the summer season but in typical Libra fashion welcoming the beginning of equal night and day.

The Sun remains in overly analytical Virgo for most of the month but will part from Mercury on September 17 and enter Libra the diplomat of the zodiac. In Virgo Mercury was concerned with facts, shifting gears into Libra sign of partnership the planet of the mind now changes its focus to people. Mercury in Libra can be a bit indecisive, but only due in part that Libra is concerned with every ones best interest. Libra Suns will find they become increasingly diplomatic and even more so charming in speech with Mercury placed in their home sign. Expect to see a lot of focus on groups this month perhaps people that can assist you with making your dreams come true as Mercury is transiting your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. After the 16th is an opportune time for Libra Suns to call on friends and acquaintances.

You can finally rejoice as Saturn leaves your home sign of Libra in early October, until then late Libra Suns born in the last decan will still experience the father of the zodiac conjoining their Sun. The last 2+ years Saturn has had you working continuously with little play, as this Saturn cycle comes to an end you may start to reap the rewards and notice projects you began 2 or 2 ½ years ago will reach completion. During this transit many of you have felt lonely or isolated, this oppressive weight will soon be lifted and you will take with you the lessons that Saturn has taught about hard work and responsibility.

Uranus planet of shock and rebellion is now in the early degrees of Aries in opposition to those born in early degrees of Libra. Aries is the sign of self where as Libra is the sign of partnership, these two astrological signs are polar opposites. Uranus entered Aries and has been opposing your Sun since March 2011. Oppositions in astrology require compromise, something a Libra Sun is quite comfortable with however Uranus is unexpected and Aries is all about self. This is a period of shaking up the status quo, you are confronting the part of yourself that makes everyone happy vs. what truly bring you joy. This is a period of the unexpected. Sudden break ups in partnerships, immediate changes in all areas of life. These unforeseen events do not seek to harm you but rather liberate you from oppressive situations and views.

Pluto in the early degrees of Capricorn is in hard aspect to your Sun, Pluto and Uranus will bring forth major changes in all the cardinal signs so please know you are not alone. Pluto ruler of transformation, death and rebirth in hard aspect to your Sun is functioning at an unconscious level, Pluto reaches deep beneath the surface and brings fated circumstances. Pluto reminds us where we are not in control, the tendency when we are not in control is to cling more so, hold on tighter but now is the time to let go. Issues regarding authority will be a central theme during this transit, more likely than not, someone challenging your authority. Simply put all of your cards on the table reminding others you are in charge here and will not be intimidated after all Libra you hold the hand of your own destiny.


Scorpio Horoscope

We begin September with Mars in the early degrees of Scorpio giving you a grand dose of energy. You are feeling on top of the world, meeting any obstacles with forcefulness and assertiveness. Make use of this energy to accomplish tasks, confront any situations or individuals that have not been completely forthcoming prior to the first week of October when Mars leaves the sign of depth in search of truth in Sagittarius.

Mars is well placed in the intensity loving sex symbol of the zodiac. Scorpio natives naturally rule the 8th house of sex, possessions, and secrecy and what better place for Scorpio to be then in Mars planet of sex drive, stamina and power. Mars in Scorpio possesses an intense flame that burns brightly; it operates with staying power and strength on its side. Those born under a Scorpio Sun may feel particularly desirable under this transit with the ability to outlast competitors and see through the competition.

You will need to make use of this energy constructively while it is present and preferably prior to October 6th when Saturn enters Scorpio bringing a sudden halt to all amorous rendezvous and pleasure seeking activities. Some of those born under the early degrees of Scorpio may already feel the energy of Saturn, he is demanding you work hard, take stock of burdens and reassess your commitments to others. Saturn will begin his transit through your house of self and will remain there for quite some time. During this period you may feel constricted, confined, and caged. This is a time of growing, a period of introspection and looking inward to find solutions in regards to taking better care of you. For the last 14 years Saturn has transited the top portion of your solar chart, which signifies how you relate to others, your boss, your spouse, your friends etc. Saturn is now beginning a completely new cycle when he conjoins the Scorpio Sun, a cycle in which you begin to question what makes me happy.

Neptune in Pisces has taken up long-term residence in your solar fourth house of home. A kinship exists between Scorpio and Pisces as they are both water signs; intuitive, receptive and emotional beings. With Neptune planet of dreams in simpatico with your Sun this marks a period where creative vibes are enhanced, you are less concerned with the material world and more so with the mystical plane of existence. You are certainly more compassionate. Neptune in the 4th house causes concern for leaks as the 4th house rules home and Neptune rules water, you may want to make sure everything in your home involving pipes and drainage is up to date. Also Neptune ruler of addictions placed in the 4th house may indicate having to care for someone in the home with substance abuse related issues. Make sure your compassionate nature doesn’t extend beyond compassion into the realm where others are taking advantage of you. Neptune on the Sun has the tendency to want to rescue.

Pluto in Capricorn transiting your solar 3rd house of thought and communication indicates you will seek to discuss things of a serious nature. You have little interest in idle chit chat and meaningless conversation. Your mind is penetrative now and you are eager to find meaning in the simplicity of daily living. The 3rd house also rules short distance travel, your greatest room for growth will be found as far as a car ride away!


Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius the seeker of universal truth is experiencing quite a bit of friction from the Sun and Mercury both being placed in meticulous Virgo. Quite frankly Sagittarius is concerned with the big picture; whereas Virgo’s concentration is targeted on the smallest specks of the universe. You may find during this period other individuals motives and intentions are not aligned with yours. Until Mercury planet of communications enters Sagittarius compadre Libra on the 17th, it is best to state your opinions with the anticipation that others may be in disagreement.

Sagittarius exuberant sprit will receive a helping hand once Venus enters familiar fire sign Leo after the 6th. Venus will transit your 8th house of intimacy encouraging you to share the deepest parts of your soul. Remember Venus rules love and finance. You can expect to see a helping hand fiscally from someone close to you as the 8th house is home to the money of other people. Venus in pleasing aspect to your Sun indicates you are in good spirits and have the ability to function creatively.

As Venus travels through your solar 8th house bestowing gifts of intimacy and financial assistance; the greater benefic Jupiter placed in your opposing sign of Gemini is spending its year long journey in your 7th house of partnerships. Sagittarius naturally rules the 9th house of higher thinking, far off journeys and graduate school where as Gemini rules the 3rd house home to the lower mind, the day to day, elementary education and short distance travel. With Jupiter transiting your 7th house of partnership you are likely to come in contact with someone and develop a mutually beneficial partnership. Perhaps you can bring forth your wide range of ideas which at times can be lofty and this individual can introduce their knowledge of small details which to a Sagittarius Sun can feel dismal. In this way however each compensates for what the other lacks. Jupiter expands whatever it touches; Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, with your ruler placed in the solar 7th house of partnership the doors may fling wide open and welcome just the right business or personal partnership.

Uranus planet of change and unexpected entered the sign of Aries in May 2010 and it still in its early degrees. Aries a fire sign similar to Sagittarius is filled with spirit, gusto and exploration. Uranus is currently in pleasing aspect to those born in the first two weeks of Sagittarius; this is really a wonderful time of newness. Seeking out new relationships experimenting with Uranus-like hobbies such as astrology or anything internet based. You may also find you suddenly wish to move to a new town, a new state or even another country; with Uranus transiting your solar fourth house change in the home is imminent. How this manifest can be as minor as redecorating, or complete renovation or moving to a new place, perhaps even more than one move as you are restless and eager for different scenery

Finally Neptune planet of dreams in hard aspect to your Sun can be a confusing time, some days you may feel disoriented and just plain confused about your life direction; furthermore Neptune is transiting your solar 3rd house of thoughts and speech. A strong likelihood exists that people will misunderstand you during this transit. You may want to preplan serious conversations, write down what you would like to say prior to saying it and above all try and be direct in speech. Neptune puts a veil or filter on how we see and are perceived making things fuzzy and unclear, you have to be aware of this. Case in point former Vice President Al Gore has natal Neptune in the 3rd house and he once declared he invented the internet. While I have no opinion of his politics we all know he did not invent the Internet, though he did spend years backing and supporting development of the World Wide Web and I’m quite certain this is the message he wanted to convey. Just to be fair former President George W. Bush has Neptune in his natal 3rd house; again watch the way in which you communicate.


Capricorn Horoscope

A lot of planetary action is happening for the mountain goat this month, this is nothing new for you as you always seek to climb new heights and work toward achievement. With the Sun and Mercury planet of communication in brother earth sign Virgo you are able to concentrate with ease. You can send out those emails and expect speedy replies while crunching numbers with ease from your desk or laptop at home. Communication comes easily to Capricorn until September 17th so make the most of this energy. You can expect some support around the office so now is the time to share your vision as everyone is listening to the wisdom you have to share; this is further accentuated by Venus planet of amore’ trip through your 7th house of partnership. Loved ones and business associates have stars in their eyes while looking at you; it is as if you can do no wrong for most of the month.

Mars in Scorpio has come to further assist your already ample concentration abilities as he transits your 10th house of career and reputation forming a sextile to your natal Sun. Vitality and enthusiasm is at its peak and your can lead a group toward future goals and they will offer unyielding support knowing that you are confident and secure.

Saturn also has begun its transit through your solar 10th house; first allow me to remind you Capricorn rules the 10th house. Symbolized by the mountain goat that climbs great heights and showcases great ability to jump Capricorn takes leaps in terms of career, has an unmatched work ethic that guarantees you will find success in all you do. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn with much in common both represent hard work, discipline, the father figure and the final authority. Saturn is now at home in your 10th house reminding you to keep climbing toward greater heights.

Capricorn is the last of the Cardinal signs, each Cardinal sign represents an area in life, for Aries that is self, for Cancer it is home, Libra represents partnership and you dear Capricorn represent career.

Many changes are headed your way with Uranus in fellow cardinal sign Aries in hard aspect to your Sun. Uranus delivers wake up calls, just when you think you have everything perfectly planned Uranus strikes like a bolt of lightning. If you have lived and acted in a manner that was true to yourself these changes should be minimal, however if you are in a relationship that is just alright Uranus will bring circumstances that will change that. If you have been working in finance for the last 10 years but inside you wish you were doing graphic design, Uranus will pull the rug out from under your plush Wall Street office. In short Uranus motto is: everything you want is right outside your comfort zone.

Over the next few years adopt the philosophy that change is good, it is beneficial and essential to growth. And major change is on the way for Capricorn Suns while Pluto power player of the zodiac remains in your home sign till the year 2024! Pluto rules death yes sometimes physically but, more so metaphorically. Parts of your soul that no longer serve you will fall away. You must be open to change now, you cannot fight against this. You will have an immense amount of strength during this period; this new found energy will affect all areas of your life; work, home and you. You have great strength now to endure and remember if it doesn’t serve you it doesn’t deserve you. Let go.


Aquarius Horoscope

We begin this month with Venus entering your opposite sign of Leo on September 7th. The Sun represents the ego and Venus represents pursuits in the name of pleasure. This marks a period where you would prefer to relax and not tend to serious matters. Not particularly a hard period but not a fruitful one either. Any activity that requires skilful planning and thought would be more successful if put off till Mercury enters Libra on the 17th of September. Aquarius and Libra are both analytical free thinking air signs. With the Sun and Mercury placed in Virgo life can feel rather stagnant and routine, but this will soon pass.

Adding to further irritation is Mars in hard aspect to your Aquarius Sun. Mars is currently placed in fellow fixed sign Scorpio, Aquarius also a fixed sign may find they have come up against others that will not budge or relent. A lack of compromise involving individuals is a central theme until October, best to either stand your ground or give in. Sometimes it is more important to be amicable than to be right.

Consider yourself forewarned my rebellious friend those born in early degrees of Aquarius will soon experience Saturn in hard aspect to the Aquarius Sun, these are 2 very different energies. Aquarians are eccentric, true individuals, and innovative. Saturn is rigid, conforming, cold and highbrow. His mission is to level the playing field, Aquarians were born to break rules not make them. Saturn has just entered your 9th house, indicating this is a time when you must adhere to others, work within the rules that have been set. You may also find you are more conservative in thought and have been reexamining long held beliefs. Life seems a bit harder now as you struggle to go up against the man (Saturn). Aquarius is such a humanitarian sign concerned with the betterment of the group, but everyone may not be willing to hear your point of few. Expect limitations and road blocks from authority figures, if at all possible learn to draw within the lines or find a place, a job, a partner who will value your vision.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius known for the unexpected, flashes of genius, and futuristic thinking. Uranus is now transiting your solar 2nd house of values and money you earn. Your belief system is going to go through a great over haul in the coming years. Possessions and thoughts you once deemed a high priority may suddenly mean nothing at all. Uranus operates instantly, you will not see it coming and poof your life has changed. Being that the 2nd house also rules money you should expect any number of things, first earning extra money via something Uranus ruled perhaps an internet based business, Secondly the coming and going of money, save when you can because Uranus in the 2nd house of money earned indicates it may not last for long.


Pisces Horoscope


Sun and Mercury are placed in the compassionate Pisces opposing sign Virgo till mid-month. Pisces ruler of the 12th house home to dreams and illusions spends most of September attempting to balance escapism tendencies with the demands surrounding 6th house activities. The 6th house represented by Virgo relates to all matters we do on a daily basis, work, health regimens and other routines. With the Sun and Mercury opposing the submissive fish you should wait till mid month before engaging in serious discussions and negotiations. One of the most intuitive signs you absorb the energy of those around you like a sponge and you are likely to pick up and respond to nonverbal cues.

This is especially true now that your ruling planet Neptune is placed in your home sign of Pisces transiting your first house of self. Those born in the 1st decan of Pisces are most likely to feel this hypnotic vibe. It is especially impetrative during this time to retreat from the world, others bad moods are likely to drain you; if someone is sad you are likely to absorb the pain. The forever glamorous Marilyn Monroe had natal Neptune in her 1st house, till this day she remains somewhat a mystery, plagued by addiction, in true Pisces/Neptune fashion her legacy lives on even in death, she is timeless. Monroe was quoted as saying, “I restore myself when I’m alone”. This is essential when Neptune transits through your solar 1st house. The 1st house rules the body, your being and your appearance. You are quite apt to experiencing sensory overload from outside forces, so take time to relax, retreat and meditate.

Jupiter in Gemini is transiting your 4th house of home, this is an excellent time to purchase a place, and you are more likely to find one at a great price. Jupiter in the 4th house is indicative of good times in the home and a home well decorated you may just want to be aware of habitual over spending on the home or perhaps investing in a home that is to large, remember Jupiter expands whatever it touches.

Pluto planet of transformation placed in Capricorn has taken up residence in your solar 11th house of like minded friends, hopes and wishes. This marks a period of letting go of friends, sometimes lifelong friends that do not support your new life path. It represents the growing apart, the falling away of people who do not serve your highest interest. This also marks a time of the washing away of one dream to bring forth a new one, perhaps dreams you have held in your heart are now dying. Only those hopes that no longer serve you will fall and in turn be replaced with new dreams that can grow and foster.

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