Sue Chalom: Geishas of Kyoto, Japan.

  The streets and haunting alleys of Gion, Kyotos most famous Geisha district,are interspersed with restaurants and teahouses-(the most exclusive and pricey dining in Kyoto), where guests can be entertained by Maikos and Geikos. As they gracefully run on their obogos dressed to perfection, they embody the  old Japanese tradtion which seems to be mysteriously alluring to the western eye.

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The traits of a successful financier, interior designer, entrepreneur and modern artist are seldom concentrated in one individual , Susan Chalomhowever is an exception..After shaking free of her Wall Street roots, Susan Chalom directed her creative energies and business prowess toward a new career in design and photography, which now form the basis of her ever-evolving career and lifestyle.

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