Ryan McGinley: Winter at Team Gallery

Image Above: © Ryan McGinley, Eagles Cliff  / courtesy of  Team Gallery

In his Winter series, American photographer Ryan McGinley places man at the center of an icy landscape, both contrasting and complementing the natural state of the winter season with the natural state of the bare human body. The stunning stark white, blue, and grey photographs present an otherworldly view of human beings in the midst of the harsh conditions of the snowy season.

eded_F5A8674Images Above: © Peru McCarra

The small exhibit begins by depicting the body in harmony with the environment, making it appear natural for one to shed all of their clothes during the coldest months of the year. Ivy (Bubbles), presents a woman sprawled out on chucks of ice, arms and legs up and outstretched, turning the cold and hard snow into pillowy, warm clouds. In Eagle’s Cliff, a figure is seen running through the snow leaving a trail of deep footprints, seemingly comfortable, exploring the blue frozen columns behind her. Another image shows a bare female body from below standing beneath an icicle-filled ceiling, juxtaposing the curves of the body with the sharp lines and points of the massive frozen forms surrounding it.

Web_2015_Ivy_(Bubbles)_40x60Image Above: © Ryan McGinley, Bubbles  / courtesy of  Team Gallery

As one proceeds, however, the stream of artificial comfort is interrupted by images of bloodied and injured bodies in the snow, reminding the viewer of the true dangers of the cold and that, although beautiful, it is not an acceptable condition for human life.

Web_2015_Ivy_(Minnewaska)_60x90Image Above: © Ryan McGinley, Minnewaska  / courtesy of  Team Gallery

While Winter is on view at Team Gallery’s New York City location, McGinley’s series Fall series will simultaneously be on view at Team’s Gallery in Venice Beach.

Web_2015_Ivy_(Judds_Cherry)_40x60Image Above: © Ryan McGinley, Judds Cherry / courtesy of  Team Gallery

Ryan McGinley is a New York-based photographer whose work has been shown at museums such as MoMA PS1 in Long Island, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Brooklyn Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Kunsthalle in Vienna.

ed_F5A8674Images Above: © Peru McCarra

Winter will be on view until December 20, 2015.

-Stephanie Kotsikonas

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