Profile: Justine Kurland

Although photographer Justine Kurland is based in New York City's Lower East Side, she spends most of the year travelling the roads of rural America. Her photographs present unusual lifestyles, like unclothed mothers roaming the wild, shirtless vagrants on the side of the road, and homeless wanderers. A roamer herself, Kurland aims to capture the majestic vastness of the countryside and those who inhabit it. After earning a graduate degree at Yale, Kurland rose to prominence in 1999 with Another Girl, Another Planet. This collection features photographs of young, pixie-like women occupying bucolic landscapes and the refreshing seaside.

Justine's work is greatly influenced by her family. Her father was a painter, and he abandoned the family when Justine was three years old. Her mother, a trained artist, supported Justine and her two sisters by sewing clothing for Renaissance fairs.

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Illustration by Ro Bichara

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