Photo of the Week: Mark Jaworski

Mark Jaworski


Born in New Jersey, Mark discovered his passion for photography at a young age while accidentally stumbling upon a scene so beautiful in its mundanity that he could not help but reach for his camera. The only problem was, he didn’t own a camera. It wasn’t long before he bought one and began to travel the world documenting his experiences.

Mark has always found a certain beauty and serenity in the forsaken and have spent much of his time photographing abandoned buildings across the world. After many years of capturing the non-human world, Mark ventured into the realm of human subjects. Marks professional work began in promotional portraiture of musicians and quickly expanded into live music, creative portraiture, product photography, events and more. He is based in Montclair, NJ and serves the New York metro area.

Marks work has been featured in Rolling Stone, Forbes, Yahoo! News, World News Network, Billboard and more. Notable clients include Twentieth Century Fox, Little Kids Rock, Eyeball Records, New Jersey Media Group, Fender Bender Magazine, etc.

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