Photo of the Week: Geraldine Lozano

10/7 - 10/13

Geraldine Lozano


Geraldine Lozano was born in the Amazon jungle of Peru and transferred to the urban jungle of NJ/NY as a child. As a conceptual artist, Lozano works with a multidisciplinary approach to become an editor of reality, and a preserver of psychological and 3-D spaces. In her work, she maps her intimate and public experiences with a heightened awareness of an exotic and globalized nature of existence. Lozano’s investigations of attachments to place, culture, identity, and desire make her a self-referential transitive pattern filter, integrating the feminine body as a vehicle, and a critical site of personal and political power. “My work is inspired by love, transformation, and the universal flow of creation. I emphasize the imagination being an attribute of our soul not our mind. My pieces introduce ancient myths through new and hybrid creations.


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