Meet the Creatives: Luster


Each with a strong background in photography, Jodie and Joshua Steen began Luster, a New York-based online resource for curated, fine art prints. The pair was inspired to provide a platform for previously unknown bodies of work after working with leading photographers. Born out of their love for photography, Luster works collaboratively with photographers to ensure a high-quality product.

Often times, digital photography leads to countless photographs going unnoticed or unused. By printing in-house with Luster, artists are able to sell and showcase specialized works through an online platform at a price that benefits the buyer. Artist supervision and strict quality controls, along with technical and managerial experience, allow for the finest premium prints.

Jodie claims that one must collect for two reasons: for the sheer love of a work, and as an investment. Luster makes photography accessible for those looking to begin their own art collections, offering a wide range of price-points for their limited edition pieces. Their variety of sizes lends itself to all economical options. The Luster process makes certain that each piece has longevity and is an investment one can be confident in.

Luster bases their concept on four main principles: Curation, Collaboration, Collection, and Community. The online Luster community supports beginning collectors with tips for their collections as well as news from their partner photographers. As the movement of online art ventures continues to grow, you can count on Luster to provide accessibility and a high quality product to all levels of buyers. Luster’s collection currently includes pieces from photographers like Manolo Campion, Antoine Verglas, Ilan Rubin, and S Pfriender Stylander.


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