Home Stills by Bastienne Schmidt

Image above: The Mall, Patchogue, NY, 2004

The home is often the perfect stage for domestic bliss and self-observation. The artist, Bastienne Schmidt, challenges this domestic utopia in her conceptual series ‘Home Stills’ in which she photographs herself as a stand-in in the role of a Housewife. Schmidt gives a visual interpretation of Virginia Woolf’s idea of ‘a room of one’s own’. She follows Highway 27 on Long Island, from Patchogue to Easthampton, recreating her interiors from cheap motel rooms to upscale Hampton’s mansions as imaginary rooms of her own. The sense of quiet meditation reminds one of Vermeer’s interiors and the melancholy and empty spaces of Edward Hopper. There is always an element of an escapist and sometimes ironic fantasy looming in these women’s heads. At the end of these imaginary stories there is always a car close by, that one could hop in and drive away.

05.SchmidtThe Laundry and Mac Mansions, Bridgehampton, NY, 2008

09.SchmidtStrings attached, Bridgehampton, NY, 2009

10.SchmidtThe Yellow Dress, Patchogue, NY, 2006

14.SchmidtThe Yellow Car, Bridgehampton, NY, 2006

15.SchmidtHouse and Field, Bridgehampton, NY, 2008

16.SchmidtJulian and his Lego, Bridgehampton, NY, 2005

17.SchmidtThe Red Skirt, Samos, Greece, 2006

Bastienne Schmidt is a German/American artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally for over 20 years.  Schmidt works as a multi media artist. She studied in Italy and grew up in Greece and Germany. Her work can be found in many museums’ collections such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the International Center of Photography, The Victoria and Albert Museum and the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C.  She has published 5 monographs: VivIr la Muerte , American Dreams, Shadowhome , Home Stills and most recently Topography of Quiet.

More images: Bastienne Schmidt

Books: Bastienne Schmidt: Home Stills, Bastienne Schmidt: Topography of Quiet


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