Exclusive: New ArtLocal App

  ArtLocal will be releasing a new version next week, and Steve Miller, art adviser to the company, stopped by to tell us about it.

In a city with as may galleries and artists as New York, parsing through which ones to go to can be challenging enough without having to worry about finding out what is going on.

Here at Musée we spend a fair chunk of time looking up gallery openings, researching artists that will be in town that week, and planning what exhibitions to attend. We, like most other people who do this, sift through websites that have extensive lists, then look up individual galleries or artists to see what is worth going to or not.

What ArtLocal has done is make the entire process easier and more accessible. Currently the app allows for the usual list of galleries, sorted by location and gives access to information on all the shows in an easy to use interface. This already made ArtLocal one of the most useful apps for navigating the chaos that is Chelsea on a Thursday night, but with the update due next week the app has added some functionality that puts it miles ahead of the competitors. The new update adds a gallery and artist search function, and like all good inventions, it is completely obvious. Why has it taken this long to have an app that allows the user to search for an artists and see where the artist is showing nearby?

We can't wait for next week, and even if your job does not require searching for new openings, this will change your evening plans.



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