(c) Walter Plotnick:  Everyone Whispered about Them 1. Tell us about your image: 



Walter Plotnick: Looking at "Everyone Whispered About Them", there are three approaches in relation to one another: two women posing side by side, a man with a camera collaged beside them; a viewing platform from the Trylon and Perisphere full of onlookers, appearing tiny in the distance.  Who is viewing whom? The images yield a web of gazes - a web that comes to include that of the viewer.  The difference in scale plays with being seen on a grand  stage as in my interest the 1939 New York Worlds Fair. Somewhat self reflexive with the peering photo of a photographer.



2. What type of Energy were you trying to express or capture in this photograph?


W.P.: The energy is really a form of tension, an interplay of gazes illuminates the mutability and open-endedness of human relationships, which can continue to form across generation, time, and medium. With appropriations of ephemera, revealed is the falsehood  that anything ever truly stays put in its place or time of origin.



3. Why Photography? What about it inspires and excites you?


W.P.: My Father was an amateur photographer and my mother a painter.  I spent hours flipping through family albums viewing my grandparents and extended family many of whom I have never met. This has inspired my quest for knowing my family, small snap shots provide a window into the imagined past.



4. Our upcoming issue is centered around the theme of 'Fantasy'. What is your fantasy, right now?


W.P.: As for making art….my fantasy is to explore the human body in flight, I have been collecting vintage images and negatives of divers, swimmers whose bodies twist, turn and create wonderful form and graceful balance against gray skies.  I will be getting back into the darkroom in the next week weeks to discover the happy accident.



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