Emerging Artist Interviews: Spencer Bergen

Tell us about your image: In the image "haunted" I've placed myself in a lush green forest, naked and being taunted by demonic versions of myself. I used a collage of images to tell a sort of allegory about self hate and inner demons, using quite literal fantasy imagery. This piece is part of a larger series that uses fantasy to illustrate the LGBT issues of today.

What kind of Fantasy were you trying to express or capture in this photograph? When I was younger I was obsessed with Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and I had this big book of all the original stories with their dark endings that didn't quite have a happy ending. I wanted to use that kind of playful story telling with a dark underbelly that I had grown up with. I think the setting of an enchanted forest is one of my favorite mythical places, so I wanted to play around with that environment while creating a narrative about something that's a little bit deeper.

Why Photography? What about it inspires and excites you? I think photography is pretty limitless. It can be extremely literal, but it can also be bent and pieced together to become something so different from its original form. I love the fact that I can start with something firmly planted in reality, and let it grow into something bigger and more fantastical during my process.

Our next issue is centered around the theme of 'Temptation'. What do you find Tempting, right now?

Escape. I never seem to be able to stay in one place too long.

Magazine No. 8 vol.1: Fantasy

Spencer Bergen



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