Emerging artist interviews: LIONEL ARNAUDIE

 Image title : BRONZE N°5

Tell us about your image :

Lionel Arnaudie: This image is a portrait from my latest series of photographs « Bronze ». For this project I was inspired by the bronze as a material with great aesthetic qualities (a grainy texture and warm tones, close to sepia), and as a type of sculpture. The challenge was to reproduce the texture of bronze, while bringing life through the models eyes. They do not wear any make-up. Most of the visual effects was made with an image editor in post-production. If you have seen the complete series, you can notice that every model wears a different collar from the others. I sewed the hoop that you can see on this image, using a ring of fabric on which I sewed ribbons of leather.

What type of Energy were you trying to express or capture in this photograph ?

L.A.: In this photograph, and in the “Bronze” series as a whole, I wanted the models to convey the Energy of life. The model is not simply a representation of a rigid and cold sculpture. He looks at you straight in the eyes, with a bright look, and a slight smile.

Why photography ? What about it inspires and excites you ?

L.A.: I have always been interested in visual arts. Ever since I was a child, I have been painting, drawing, and modeling clay. But photography gives me something more. With a picture, I can transform the reality and thanks to an image editor I can create my own vision. I find it very exciting !

Our upcoming issue is centered around the theme of 'Fantasy'. What is your fantasy, right now ?

L.A.: My current fantasy would be to set up an exhibition of “Bronze” where real bronze busts of the models would be displayed under each photograph of the series.



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