Emerging Artist Interview: Achraf Baznani

Above Image: Into the Abyss

Tell us about the work we featured within the Temptation issue.

The first work reflects my philosophical vision of the personality of people that resemble a white page. Over time, this image is formed through the truth of their ideas. The second one is my favorite art work called Into the Abyss because it is a fantastic composition that represents the life of an honest man in the face of many obstacles, trying to stop its progress. Despite these obstacles, the man continues to keep balance, the end is not shown in the photo, it is not clear, but everyone has their own interpretation of the idea I have tried to present. The third one is called Paperman, and it is inspired by Disney’s short movie Paperman. The story is about a guy who made a connection with a girl and lost her. He spent the rest of the story trying to get her back; it is romantic.

Where do you see your work going? What is next in the development of your project?

I released my first photobook entitled Through My Lens, and I'm currently working on a new one entitled Inside My Dreams. Ever since I started photography, it has always been a dream to have my photographs printed up large and posted on the wall. Exhibiting my artwork is my biggest dream.



What inspires you? 

For my works there are a variety of ways a concept falls into place. Most often it starts with a spark of inspiration and grows from there; whether it is a person, design, or story that needs to be told. Regardless, it all starts with a single point. From there it becomes simple problem solving. I don’t spend very much time looking at what other people are doing. I like to stay aware and connected to what others are doing by following sites like Flickr, but beyond that, I spend the rest of my time meeting people, creating, and really just living life. I think the best way to be inspired is not to just try to emulate others, but to find what inspires you in life and trying to capture and share it.

Our theme was Temptation. How do you relate to this within your work and how would you define temptation?

I wanted to turn my thoughts to fictional and surrealist photographic artwork that is unbelievable by the human mind—turn fairy ideas to real artworks. Surrealism takes me from the real world to a dreaming one. I can recreate and share my dreams or surrealist ideas in real life. I need a break from reality. That is my temptation.


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Achraf Baznani

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