10 Artists to Watch This September: Bjarne Melgaard

Often called "the most famous Norwegian artist after Munch"—quite the sobriquet, that—Bjarne Melgaard has exploded into view in the past year, creating overwhelming and overflowing installations of his barbaric paintings and impeccable design sensibility at White Columns, Luxembourg & Dayan gallery, Venus Over Manhattan, the Armory Show, and Frieze New York. With his first solo show at Gavin Brown's Enterprise in the middle of the month, the busy artist—whose monumentally steroidal output gets funneled through a number of alter egos, including Rod Bianco, the Pink Panther, and BFBC Inc. (you can look up the acronym)—will find himself matched with a gallerist whose zest for for messy spectacle matches his own. Via Artspace

Pieter Hugo. Kin. Yossi Milo Gallery