Emerging Artist: Marco Castelli

I love the mixing up of infinitely small and infinitely large: I mean, it’s fantastic to let microorganisms meet stars.

Also, I love to travel, but space isn’t too simple to reach, so I just try to imagine how I can solve this. Paradoxically, I went the smallest possible way to “elevate” myself. The universe is everything, we’re already part of it and same is for microorganisms, which are the origin of life.

“A Micro Odyssey” is where fiction runs into reality and what is extremely small faces the endless universe. My research moves from an interest in human beings and their environments, but this time I wanted to do something totally abstract and concrete together: I tried to put a scientific art (photography) in direct contact with a scientific subject (bacteria). I think the principal aspect of this project is the ironic element: transforming something realistically identifiable in an abstract object which can again be referred to a visually recognizable world.


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Photographs and Statement © Marco Castelli

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Larry Silver at the New York Historical Society

Larry Silver at the New York Historical Society