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Issue theme: RITUAL.

Issue theme: RITUAL. Have you seen a coworker meticulously arrange pens in color specific order on their desk? Have you seen the soccer players cross themselves and look to the sky before a game? Have you just absolutely had to touch every rung of a ladder on your way up or blown a kiss to a departing yellow light? That is the theme to our next issue: Ritual. From the thousands of bathers in Ganges to blowing out your birthday candles and reading the Musée horoscope. Ritual isn’t just a huge part of our everyday life, ritual defines our lives. We know you have a ritual before taking a picture, we know you have a ritual afterwards. Make us part of that ritual and submit to the next issue. Show us your ritual. Please submit a maximum of 10 images at a min. resolution of 72 dpi. Use "Issue No. 10" as the email subject and don't forget to include the project description, contact information, and/or CV.

Submission deadline: Monday September 15, 2014.