The Pastels of Nguan's Singapore

“There’s certainly an ambivalence in the work,” the Singaporean photographer known simply and enigmatically as Nguan told us at Musée. “Many of the images can be read in dual ways. For example, the image of a rainbow painted on the façade of a public housing block may be viscerally enchanting, but it can also speak of the calculated way in which dreams, mood, and behaviors can be engineered.”

Year of the Pig

Starting February 5, millions of Chinese men and women celebrate the Lunar New Year. Also known as the Spring Festival, this celebration lasts for at least three days and nights. We usher in the Year of the Pig--the last animal of the zodiac who governs prosperity, compassion, and generosity.

Lillie Eiger x Florence Welch

Lillie Eiger is a London based photographer originally from Chicago. Eiger first shot behind the scenes for the band xx. Her work continues into the backstage of fashion shows. Type her name into Dazed Magazine’s search bar and her work continues to scroll .

The Photography Masters Retreat

The retreat, located in South of France will take place over the course of 7 nights. The Photography Master Retreat is not only a critique but also a workshop-based experience that emphasizes self-reflection with the goal of advancing the participants’ practice to levels they may not have thought possible.

Unwrapping the Visual of Kelsey Lu's "I'm Not In Love"

Enter Kelsey Lu; an artist who gathers much of her artistic inspiration from the motion of water and seems to spin out music thoughtfully and deliberately, much as someone would unravel thread from a wooden spool. Her tones are slowly and deeply hypnotizing. A cellist by trade, the non-shaving and gender-open 26-year-old carries the aura of an individual wise beyond her years.

Do or Die

When non-fiction filmmakers Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin decided to profile their friend and professional rock climber Alex Honnold, they didn’t grasp the enormity of the danger the ace mountaineer would assume. Nor did they appreciate the full degree of the personal, professional, and ethical risks they, too, were about to take.

Obituary: Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas (b. 1922), a prolific filmmaker, film critic, and docent of American avant-garde cinema — and consequently nicknamed “the godfather” of American avant-garde cinema — passed away Wednesday, January 23, at the age of 96.

'Visions' - Interview with Chutian Shu

Chutian Shu is a New York based Chinese artist. Her work investigates surrealistic narrative which explores how people pose and interact unexpectedly with anonymous objects can create unfamiliar but poetic sceneries in both institutional and natural environment where we experience everyday.

Red Ink: An Interview with Max Pinckers

A photographer accustomed to staging and controlling scenes in order to create his images, in 2017 Max Pinckers traversed into an environment that was completely staged, and yet absolutely out of his control when he traveled to North Korea on assignment for the New York Times. In his book Red Ink, Pinckers captures images from the capital city Pyongyang.