All in Holiday

Spring Equinox

It is now time to put an end to, yet again, cancelling plans and instead snuggling under the covers with your heat-radiating beau. The time has come to take off the handcuffs and step back into the social arena. It’s Spring Equinox today, and your 2019 starts now. 

St. Patty's

In the fifth century, St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, infamously banished snakes into the sea and righteously doused Christianity over the pagan country, evangelizing thousands. His name has been made known internationally and, following his death on March 17 in the year 461, has been memorialized and celebrated with greatly-known holiday St. Patrick’s Day.

Chinese New Year: Year of the Dog

The Asian zodiac is characterized with hard-work and sensibility. Astrologers have projected progress for 2018 with people partaking in social and political activism on both a global and community level, which reflects the Dog’s virtue of being swift with due diligence for right and wrong. 

Christmas in America: Happy Birthday Jesus by Jesse Rieser

Jesse Rieser is a bi-coastal photographer, splitting his time between Phoenix and New York. Rieser considers himself a student of subtleties, exploring the intricacies of the quotidian through photography. This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Jesse about his 7 years of documenting Americans celebrating Christmas. In a hilarious show of excess, Rieser reminds us how endearing it is to flash that outward sign of inward cheer. Put your Santa hats on as Rieser reignites the thrill of joy in his series entitled Christmas in America: Happy Birthday Jesus.