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Remembering Vivian Cherry

Photographing the inhabitants of the city back in the 40s and 50s, Vivian Cherry was one of the first female street photographers to capture the thronging masses going to and fro the island of Manhattan. Though Cherry passed away on March 4 in her home of Albuquerque at 98, her images of New York City of halcyon days remain iconic.

VIDEO: Jamie Diamond - "Life In Fiction"

Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist Jamie Diamond explores familial structures through the prism of memory. Her work lies at the intersection between fiction and representation, as she breaks all boundaries in what composes the family photograph. She collaborates with strangers, mimes, professional and untrained actors to replicate recognizable photographic genres through role play and staged events.

Chinese New Year: Year of the Dog

The Asian zodiac is characterized with hard-work and sensibility. Astrologers have projected progress for 2018 with people partaking in social and political activism on both a global and community level, which reflects the Dog’s virtue of being swift with due diligence for right and wrong. 

Dope Photos: An Interview with StockPot Images Founder, Ophelia Chong

There is a commercial need for these kind of images, as well as a greater need to see people from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages partake in the drug as a part of their everyday routine. Social change is largely effected through perception, with photography being the perfect medium. StockPot Images helps to normalize the drug in our collective conscious, evolving our understanding. 

Selfie Queen

While sifting through the inundation of open letters penned by middle-aged white men that flood the internet, it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the popular assertion that Millennials are sending the world into a downward spiral...

Musée No. 6 Volume 2

Nude + Naked + More features a selection of interviews and profiles of established photographers Don Sanders, Leslie Kee, Catherine Opie, Justine Kurland, Christopher Bucklow, Yossi Loloi, George Pitts and Thomas Ruff - each artist utilizes their unique vision to capture an essence of the multi-faceted nature of nudity. Musée’s sixth issue also presents the work of 14 emerging artists.