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Alec Soth: A Room for Solace at AIPAD

Alec: When I photograph people, I try to be honest about who I am and what I’m doing. Just as I’m involved in reading a subject’s body language, they are undoubtedly reading mine. I try not to fabricate this language. If I’m nervous, I’ll show them my nervousness. If I’m confident, I’ll show them that. If I want people to be real for me, then I try to be real to them.

Remembering Vivian Cherry

Photographing the inhabitants of the city back in the 40s and 50s, Vivian Cherry was one of the first female street photographers to capture the thronging masses going to and fro the island of Manhattan. Though Cherry passed away on March 4 in her home of Albuquerque at 98, her images of New York City of halcyon days remain iconic.

An Interview With Mona Kuhn

“I would like to bring attention to a new feminism, where artists like me decide to bring light and hope to this conversation.  Women’s bodies and natural beauty is what makes us powerful. We will only be cherished and respected when we respect ourselves.”

Wolfgang Tillmans: How likely is it that only I am right in this matter?"

In his latest show at David Zwirner Gallery, Wolfgang Tillmans’ considers the role of photography in a “post truth” world, and explores issues intrinsic to the medium by creating seemingly careless art that does not present any conclusions or “truths”. “I love that art is useless and that it has no purpose,” Tillmans said in a New York Times interview. “That makes art so incredibly powerful. And so, I don’t think one should turn to artists instantly and ask, ‘What are they saying?’”

Women Crush Wednesday: Danna Singer

Yes, definitely. I felt such a sense of responsibility and in my community,  pride is motivating force in most everything. I didn’t want to embarrass anyone but I also wanted to make images that were true to the feeling of a place, a person and my experience within it.  As the work deals with difficult issues like abuse, and addiction, living in that head space took an enormous emotional toll

Current Feature: Thomas Hirschhorn

Pixel-Collage is a series of collages. A collage means pasting together at least two existing elements to create something new, a new world, a new image, a new light. Doing this means giving a response through Form: Form is not just an idea, Form is the core. I want to give Form, because giving Form is the most important thing. The plastic covering is part of this form. The plastic is not a protection but the will to frame my work myself

Current Feature: Matthew Pillsbury

It really depends. Some shoots are commissioned, some are assignments, some are fine art ideas, some are a combination of all of these routes to a completed image. Permission is needed for many of my shoots that aren't in public areas and that can require a bit of groundwork beforehand. Those images tend to be conceived ahead of time with a clear approach to making them. Other times, I find myself like a street photographer on the prowl for something interesting.