1. Tell us about your image: Barcelona was full of life and shadows that day.

The backlit of the people was moving around.

And she was there, happy, just enjoying.


2. What type of Energy were you trying to express or capture in this photograph?

I was trying to express the magic and a constant energy that she was transmitting just walking with a balloon.

An eternal energy which inhabits in that innocent happiness that we all have lived.


3. Why Photography? What about it inspires and excites you?

The moment of shooting, it's energy too.

It's like being able to disappear off the scene and just capture what I 'm watching.

The feeling of getting in another world, it's exciting.


4. Our upcoming issue is centered around the theme of 'Fantasy'. What is your fantasy, right now?

For me fantasy is the capacity of creating another reality, and ability to enjoy this world that we are making.

With my photographies I want to capture the process, when you are leaving your routine for adventure in another world.

I captured  in sequence,- (1)when the idea is born;(2) when you can "see" it ; (3)and when you approach and walk in,(4) until you are part of it.


Musée Magazine No. 7 vol.2: energy


Emerging Artist Interviews: BJ Formento